Summer Plan: Neoenergia distributors inspect over than 38,000 kilometers of networks


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Companies perform a series of maintenance and improvement actions in networks to prepare the system to the summer season

grid-energy inspection

Neoenergia carries out annually the Summer Plan, a series of maintenance and improvement actions in networks aimed to prepare the system to the summer season, a period when the increase in loads may be as high as 66% in touristic areas. In total, inspections were carried out over 38,000 kilometers of networks, more than five times the distance between São Paulo and New York. The operation, which benefits about 2.8 million customers, also includes the modernization of the networks.

The actions are carried out in the five distributors – Neoenergia Coelba (Bahia), Neoenergia Pernambuco (Pernambuco), Neoenergia Cosern (Rio Grande do Norte), Neoenergia Elektro (São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul) and Neoenergia Brasília (Distrito Federal). In total, 76 municipalities are contemplated, with emphasis on relevant tourist destinations in the Northeast, such as Porto Seguro and Morro de São Paulo, in Bahia, and Fernando de Noronha and Porto de Galinhas, in Pernambuco.  

"We work to supply energy with quality to all our customers and, for this purpose, we prepared the Summer Plan strategically, ensuring a quality energy supply also in the coastal regions, which receive more tourists during this period. We have reinforced our actions with inspections, installation of more modern equipment, a differentiated logistics of field teams and an increased number of specialists in the distributors' operation centers and call centers" explains Jader Carneiro, Neoenergia's Networks and Substations Superintendent. 

According to the executive, "the network maintenance activities check the conditions of the structures and the vegetation close to the network, ensuring that we do not have undue disconnections in the system." In addition, the company's distributors use thermal-vision camera technology to check the temperature of cables, connections, and transformers in the energy network. Maintenance is carried out on sub-transmission systems, inspecting more than 12,000 kilometers of lines and around 800 pieces of substation equipment. To reinforce the network automation to improve service quality, over 370 reclosers will be installed by the end of the Summer Plan and over 100 self-healing schemes will be implemented, technology that restores the energy supply automatically in case of failures. The area affected by the problem is isolated and a higher number of consumers can have energy restored within 60 seconds. The equipment is integrated to the Integrated Operations Center (IOC), which receives the exact location of the failure, speeding up the work of electricians if there is a need for repairs in the field. By using the system, the time it takes to re-establish the energy supply after incidents can be reduced. 

Summer Plan also includes actions such as special inspections in networks serving the states' sanitation companies. The washing of insulators is also planned, with the purpose of minimizing the effects of salinity at the seashore and thus restoring the safety of the structures. 

It is worth mentioning that Neoenergia's distributors create special strategies for the logistics of field teams on important dates, such as holidays and the year-end festivities. At the call centers, the five distributors have the capacity to expand resources during times of increased demand.

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