Neoenergia extends special trading deadline to avoid suspension of low-income energy


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National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) authorized, as from January 1st, the energy disconnection due to default of customers ranked as low-income. Notwithstanding, Neoenergia distributors decided to do this only after next January 25. Consumers with pending bills with the companies are being reviewed and therefore have the opportunity to negotiate the debts during this week and avoid suspension of supply. In order to facilitate the settlement of debts, the concessionaire is offering special conditions. For low-income customers only, the company has zeroed the financing interest.

Aiming to ensure more convenience and security for customers, special conditions are also offered at the Negotiation Portal, which can be accessed from the distributor's website. Once in the online environment, the user finds a series of benefits for paying their bills, such as cash discharge, full payment with debit card, by using Caixa Elo virtual card (Emergency Aid) or paying in installments in up to 12 installments by using their credit card. Master, Visa, Hiper, Elo and Amex flag cards are accepted for negotiation. For using the portal services and having access to the negotiation options, the customer needs to access the portal, by informing their CPF and the customer's contract account. After this first step, they can view the debt and payment terms available. The company also points out that the on-site service stores and the phone service are also ready to inform customers about the debt situation and conclude the negotiation.

"Energy cutoff is the last resource used by the company; before that, all the administrative measures are adopted for the settlement of the debt, e.g., the customer is informed through letter, SMS, e-mail or telephone, as long as these contact data is up-to-date. Aiming to avoid the suspension of supply, the company is providing truly special conditions to customers in this difficult period", comments Neoenergia's Customer Services Officer, Luiz Flávio Xavier de Sá. 

The company is ready to serve its customers through Internet with the same quality and speed, by using the digital channels. More than 30 service options are available, such as: asking a copy of the bill, change the name of the account holder and ask service reconnection.

The company reinforces that all customers who have e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp, can request the digital bill modality, reducing the need for physical delivery of bills, and having their energy bill always at hand.


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