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With the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)​, the instructions for all Brazilian people are to stay at home and help prevent contagion of the virus. Those who are able to leave their homes only for strictly essential activities shall remain at home for longer. For this reason, we sorted out a few tips which might help save power during this period. Check them out.

     Accordion | LIGHTING

    • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps or LED lamps;

    • Paint the walls and the ceiling in bright colors. Make use of sunlight during the day.​

     Accordion | ELECTRIC SHOWER

    • ​On hot days, use the shower in the Summer position. This reduces power consumption up to 30%​;

    • Avoid extended showers.

     Accordion | FRIDGE

    • Do not use the rear part of the fridge or freezer to dry cloth and clothes;

    • Avoid storing hot food or liquid and do not cover the shelves;

    • Always check the state of the sealing rubber and avoid opening the door too frequently​.​

     Accordion | CLOTHES IRON

    • Gather up as many clothes as possible to iron all at once. Use the indicated temperature for each fabric type;

    • The heat of the iron can also be used, keep it off when ironing light clothes​.

     Accordion | TELEVISION

    • Avoid sleeping with the TV on. Turn off the TV directly on the device.

    • Never leave the device on standby (red light on), consuming power.

     Accordion | COMPUTER

    • Turn off the computer screen when not using. It stands for about 80% of the equipment's power consumption.​

     Accordion | WASHING MACHINE

    • Wash as many clothes as possible at once;

    • Use the correct amount of soap and keep the machine’s filter clean​.​​

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