Step-by-Step: learn how you can pay your energy bill via PIX



PIX system comes to ease payments and transfers. The new feature, created by the Central Bank, will be launched on November 16, and Neoenergia will offer this service to its customers on the same day for paying the energy bill via PIX. In this first stage, the innovation will be available to customers who receive their bill via email, and will be offered to the remaining consumers who still deals with printed bills in 2021.​


Among the conveniences offered by PIX are agility and promptness. When making any payment, the system automatically recognizes the transaction, even during weekends, holidays and out of bank hours. Another innovation is the fact that this payment means is available even for those who do not have a bank account and can be used by those who have a digital wallet. In addition, PIX is for free, allowing that transfers between accounts can be made by the user at no cost.

It is noteworthy that all means of payment already used by Neoenergia, such as debit in account, payment in lottery agencies, credit card and bank bill, will remain available. With PIX, customers will have an additional convenience for paying their bills. Thus, the company consolidates its pioneering efforts in service digitalization and new means of payment. To learn more about how to take the most of innovation, follow the step by step below.​




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It’s a new financial transaction created by Central Bank that will provide agility in transfers and paying bills. This is possible because the system is immediate and accessible, even for those who do not have a bank account.​





Yes! The innovation will be launched on November 16, and Neoenergia will offer this additional convenience to its customers. We created a step-by-step to clarify procedures and main doubts related to the new payment process:​

1st step​

Neste primeiro momento, o serviço vai estar disponível para todos os clientes
que tenham feito o cadastro para receber a fatura digital por e-mail.
Se você ainda não é cadastrado, basta entrar no site da distribuidora ou
mandar mensagem via WhatsApp escolher essa opção. O envio acontece
por e-mail, WhatsApp ou SMS.

2nd step​

The digital bill will have two options to route payment to be made via PIX: QR-Code and PIX Link. Just point the camera to the code or click on the link and you will be redirected to pay in a practical and immediate way.​

3rd step

​When redirected, payment can be made through your bank's application or website or through a digital wallet such as Pic Pay and Mercado Pago. PIX is instantaneous, which means the system automatically recognizes, and in a few seconds, you paid the bill.​

4th step​

You can select to register your address key with you bank or digital wallet. The key can be your Taxpayer’s Number, cell phone number or email and you just have to inform it to make or receive payments. But PIX is available even for those who do not have or do not want to register. Just use the temporary key, which is only available for such specific transaction.​



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