Neoenergia will be the first mover in electric sector in payment of energy bill via PIX


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​​​Reinforcing that pioneering and innovation are premises of Neoenerg​ia​, the company will offer the energy bill payment via PIX on November 16, when the service will be launched nationwide. The new digital service for transferring amounts, created by Brazilian Central Bank will be ready for use by all company’s customers enrolled in the digital energy bill.​

“Neoenergia has been working for a long time towards a significant technical evolution. We have been in the constant search for what is new and provides a better customer experience, always practicing pioneering and strong investment”, says Luiz Flávio, Neoenergia’s Customer Service officer.

In August, when the agreements between Central Bank and National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) for using PIX to pay energy bills was announced, Neoenergia was prompted to enter into a partnership with Banco Itaú to provide the service to consumers. As a company’s strategy, the service will be extended to the entire customer base on a phased manner. “In this first stage, the company worked to serve all customers enrolled in the digital bill, and will promote the extension of this convenience experience for payment as the platform is expanded”, says Luiz Flávio.​

One of the main factors enabling the promptness and pioneering for PIX adhesion by Neoenergia was Digital Connection​ - the largest Research and Development project targeted to the electric sector’s customer. Focused on innovation and digitalization of digital services for customer service, its main strategy is offering democratization and inclusion, through innovative solutions. Due to its expertise in the development of several services to its consumers, Neoenergia was aware of partners and technologies for digital payments, and this enabled agility for implementation.

“This is an important step in the revolution we are experiencing and this has no return, we will move more and more towards digitalization and our role is to keep it always inclusive”, highlights the executive.

Security is critical in this payment process and the company has analyzed from the beginning all potential aspects to make the ecosystem highly safe to its customers. “PIX comes to improve digital payment system, bringing convenience, security and ensuring speed. We are focused in providing these benefits to our base since PIX launching”, ends him​.


In the first stage, PIX will be available, beginning November 16, to all Neoenergia’s customers who receive their energy bill via email, that is, those enrolled to receive digital bill. Consumers not opting for digitalization of collection may request it at the website of all distributors​.​

Upon receipt of the digital bill, the customer can access the QR-Code in the message, which will direct them to payment using PIX. Just by pointing the cell phone camera to the QR-Code, and technology directs the customer directly to the payment system used, either through the bank account or the digital wallet as Mercado Pago and Pic Pay. When accessing via cell phone, the referral occurs clicking the PIX Link, placed next to the QR-Code. Then, the customer just need to type the key selected for enrolling (CPF, cell phone number, email address), and the payment will be promptly made.

An additional payment option using PIX is through a digital wallet. With this format, the customer doesn’t need to have a banking account and it can be used via an associated credit card. The system for filing a key is the same used at the bank.​

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