Code of Ethics for Suppliers

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Principles of business ethics and transparent management

By considering suppliers as strategic Stakeholders, Neoenergia has established a series of specific action principles to regulate this activity, in line with the Group's principles and values, which are set out in this Code of Ethics for Suppliers [PDF] and that must be accepted by all suppliers of the Group and attached to their respective agreements. A brief summary of the essence of the Code of Ethics for Suppliers is available by clicking the brochure [PDF].  

Ethics and transparency are one of the essential pillars of Neoenergia Group. We promote these values in the relationship with our suppliers and in the relationship they have with their business partners. Therefore, we make available to you the Neoenergia Group's Whistleblowing Channel. This channel is extended to Neoenergia Group suppliers, companies contracted to provide services or provide resources to Neoenergia Group companies, their respective employees and business partners.

Through this channel, it is possible to:   

• Communicate non-compliance or illegal acts committed by any professional of Neoenergia Group, by a supplier, one of its subcontractors or by their respective employees, in violation of the items set out in the Code of Ethics for Suppliers in the context of its business relationship with the companies of Neoenergia Group.

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