Neoenergia is granted with all licenses to proceed with works of its largest wind complex in the country

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Neoenergia received the installation licenses to start the works of seven more farms of comprise Oitis Wind Complex in Piauí. The project, which will be its largest wind power generation asset in Brazil with an installed capacity of 566.5 MW, will comprise a total of 12 farms, two of which in Bahia - whose works began in November, three months ahead of schedule - and the others in Piauí, a stage that will be continued with the new licenses issued by the Department of Environment and Water Resources of this state (Semar). This week the company will carry out the mobilization to open new work fronts in the state, accelerating the parks implementation.

"We closed 2020 with the granting of the new licenses to proceed with the construction of Oitis Wind Complex, fulfilling our business plan. We maintained our investment plans in 2020, evidencing the company's commitment to the development of the electric sector and the economy in the regions where we operate," states Neoenergia's Renewable Business Development superintendent, Thaisa Almeida.​


In total, the wind complex will feature 103 wind turbines with a unit capacity of 5.5 MW, one of the most modern and efficient models in the market. The equipment is 126 meters high, equivalent to a 25-floor building. In addition to the installation license for the farms, the company obtained the preliminary license certifying the feasibility of the 70-kilometer transmission line project, with voltage at 500 kV, to connect the generation project to the electric system, through Queimada Nova II substation in Piauí.

“The progress of Oitis Wind Complex construction contributes no only to expand the clean energy generation, which is a company’s commitment in line with the fight against climate change. We also bring job creation and social and environmental actions to Piauí and Bahia. At the peak of the works, we will generate over 1.5 thousand jobs”, says Leandro Montanher, Neoenergia’s Renewable Projects superintendent.​


Neoenergia forecasts to start-up Oitis Complex commercial operation in 2022. Chafariz Complex, in Paraíba, is in line with the construction schedule defined by the company and, when completed, will have a capacity of 471.2 MW. With the new projects, the company will have an installed capacity of 1.5 GW wind power generation, enough to meet the consumption of 10 million people, which is equivalent to the population of a country like Portugal.

The farms under construction highlight the company's focus on the free market and the prioritization of clean energy generation. Over 96% of Oitis Complex's production will be destined to the Free Contracting Environment (ACL), where customers with demand exceeding 500 kW are able to select their supplier, with advantages such as price savings, flexibility and traceability of the energy source.

Complementing the exponential growth of wind power generation, in the second half of 2020, Neoenergia announced the construction of its first centralized photovoltaic generation plant, the Luzia Complex​ (PB), which will have 149.3 MWdc power.​

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