Neoenergia Women’s National Championship is the fastest growing women's soccer championship on social networks worldwide


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The number of followers of the Brazilian women's league on social networks recorded almost 30% growth in the second half, equivalent to the first months of Neoenergia's sponsorship of the competition.

Brasileirão Feminino Neoenergia (Neoenergia Women's National Championship) was the fastest growing women's soccer league in terms of the number of followers on social networks worldwide. According to a survey by Result Sports, the competition's digital communities increased by 29.79%, corresponding to over 122,800 new followers from July to December 2021, a period in which it started to receive the company's support. Neoenergia is the first exclusive sponsor of the Brazilian women's teams and the main national championship between clubs, demonstrating the company's commitment to gender equality.

The survey showed that the total number of followers of Brasileirão Feminino Neoenergia reached more than 412 thousand, considering four social networks in which the league has official accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Thus, it appears in fourth place in the ranking, only behind the club championships in Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Brazilian competition has the largest community on TikTok, a video network where it has 87,836 followers with access to special content. On Instagram, the league has 181,169 followers, with 11.77% growth in the second half of 2021, the second most expressive increase among the championships.

Besides the official Brasileirão social medias, Neoenergia has created a digital strategy to promote women's soccer, with content on gender equality, the history of the sport, topics related to players and competitions, encouragement to young girls to also follow the path of sports and soccer, and support to fans on and off the field. The results of this strategy were expressive. From June 01 to December 31 last year, Neoenergia produced 776 contents about women's soccer in all the company's digital media profiles, which added up to more than 40.9 million impressions and more than 3 million interactions. The growth in the number of users in Neoenergia's companies reached over 100 thousand followers in the period.

"We work with the purpose of expanding women's participation in the social and professional context, and we bet on the support for sports to highlight the importance of equal opportunities in all fields. This growth in the digital presence of the Brasileirão Feminino Neoenergia evidences the evolution of relevance for different audiences in women's soccer, a path to gender equality", says Neoenergia's communication superintendent, Marcus de Barros Pinto.

The agreement between Neoenergia and the Brazilian Soccer Confederation (CBF) runs until 2024 and provides for activations in the social networks, besides the brand's display on the training uniform of the women's national team, promotional actions, and brand display on the advertising boards around the pitch of all games and backdrops. The company has already supported the Brazilian women's national teams, both adult and youth, in the final stages of preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games, and will continue supporting them in important moments such as the Women's World Cup 2023 and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.


Internally, Neoenergia also invests in promoting gender equality among its employees. Financial independence is one of the main ways to empower women and, with this in mind, promoting equality in the access to the labor market is key. The company has a diversity program focused on promoting a work environment of inclusion, respect for diversity, empowerment and combating prejudice. Within the strategy, Neoenergia reviewed its Human Resources processes, and started to act in recruitment and selection to promote more inclusive selection processes, train its leadership for diversity management, and continue to promote actions aimed to empowerment and fight prejudice.

Through its distributors Neoenergia Coelba (BA) and Neoenergia Pernambuco (PE), the company promotes exclusive classes for women at the School of Electricians. The initiative was internationally recognized through a case study published by WeEmpower, a UN Women program with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the European Union, aimed at encouraging good practices of the companies.

The company also has an Equal Opportunity and Reconciliation Policy establishing that the company does not tolerate any discrimination based on race, color, age, gender, marital status, ideology, political opinions, nationality, religion,  sexual orientation or any other personal, physical or social condition of professionals. All these initiatives are in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially number 5, Gender Equality.

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