Neoenergia operates in all regions of Brazil, with focus on sustainable development


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The company is active in the entire electric sector chain, from generation down to distribution, with businesses in 18 states of the five regions of Brazil 

Operating in Brazil for 23 years, Neoenergia contributes to the development of the country by focusing on sustainable businesses that cover the entire chain of the electric sector. Including generation, transmission, marketing, and distribution, Neoenergia operates in 18 states of the five regions of Brazil, with focus on clean energy, strengthening of the domestic electric sector and growth with support to the communities where it operates, adding value to their investments.

One of the top investments of the company is the expansion of its portfolio of clean energy generation. Two wind complexes are being built in the Northeast of Brazil: together they will produce over 1 GW. Moreover, in 2020 the group purchased a pipeline project in Bahia with potential for 400 MW. The region is recognized as the area with the best winds in the world for energy production. It already has 17 parks belonging to Neoenergia, most of them in Rio Grande do Norte, a state that concentrates the largest wind power in Brazil – almost 4.8 GW of the 17 national GW. By 2029, the total installed capacity for production of renewable energy should reach 51 GW, according to the 10-Year Plan of the Energy Research Company (EPE).

The exponential growth of this source has already been recorded in recent years. For this reason, the National Operator of the Electric System (ONS) has witnessed successive production records in the region. The last one was on 28 November 2020, when an average of 9,163 MW was generated thanks to the good wind performance, which was sufficient to supply 86.8 % of the power demand of all the nine states of the Northeast region. For this reason, this is a strategic region for Neoenergia.

All these Neoenergia undertakings generate social, economic and environmental benefits for the towns. In the two wind farms under development alone, approximately 3,000 jobs will be created, in addition to actions that include professional training courses, donation of solar panels to the towns involved, as well as initiatives tailored to the reality of each location, such as drilling wells in areas facing drought.​

The company has been expanding its activities in other segments as well. In transmission, it won the largest lot of the last auction held in 2020, which will be added to eight other lines being licensed and under construction, and seven more assets in operation, three of which started in 2020, with expected delivery within 25 months maximum. In December last year, the company expanded its participation in distribution when it acquired CEB, from Brasília, which will be the fifth Neoenergia energy provider. It will be integrated into the business model already adopted for the other companies – Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN) and Elektro​ (SP and MS). With the inclusion of CEB, the total will be 15 million customers.

See on the map all Neoenergia businesses in Brazil:

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