Neoenergia launches application with new functionalities and advantages for customers


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Neoenergy-Application-Elektro-Connection-DigitalLighter and more accessible tool privileges consumer usability

Request for reconnection, integration with virtual assistant in WhatsApp, invoice sharing, these are some of the novelties that Neoenergia​ launched with the new application that has now arrived at Elektro, the company's concessionaire that serves 223 municipalities in São Paulo and five in Mato Grosso do Sul. The innovation privileges the usability of the customer, which facilitates the access to services and information, in addition to counting on unprecedented actions. The expectation is that the innovation will arrive at the other concessionaires of the company - Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE) and Cosern (RN) - in the 2nd half of 2021, further expanding the presence of digital services among customers.

"The application has become more dynamic and accessible, with fields that simplify service requests. We remodeled the design, improved usability, created tabs and made the program lighter, all thinking about the journey of customer service and the best way to meet their needs", informs Renato Suplicy, Neoenergia's corporate manager of Strategy and Digital Services.

One of the new services integrated to the newly launched application that favors the customer's journey is the reconnection. Before that, it was necessary to enter the website or call the call center to make the request. Now, in the application itself has a service specially created for this, in which the consumer, after paying the due bills, confirms that he/she has already made the payment and the system automatically notifies the distributor about the need for reconnection in the unit.

How it works

When entering the application, the customer can view the homepage, which highlights some services, such as the request for a new online connection and the loyalty program, known as 'Energy to Start Over​', which rewards customers with up-to-date accounts. To access them, you don't need to log in – by clicking on the respective field, the app directs you to the specific channels for each service. After logging in or registering, the customer receives some information, such as a scheduled shutdown notice in the region where he/she lives, a place to notify the distributor of a lack of power in the residence and guidance on the self-reading service.  

Then, by clicking Consumption, the customer can see the average consumption for each month. Under Invoice, you can see how to receive the account - whether it is printed or digital - and even register to receive the invoice by email or for payment by direct debit. It is also in this field that the customer can share the account to save on mobile, send by WhatsApp or copy the barcode, a novelty that integrates the technologies in a practical and accessible way.  

In addition, you can view the requests you make, with detailed history, status, and tracking of each. Finally, in Menu, there is a list of the main services available by the application, such as 2nd way account, direct debit, email invoice, reconnection and lack of power. Still within Menu, by clicking on Contact Us, the customer can be redirected to WhatsApp and distributor's website, in addition to receiving tips and guidance on the safe use of energy.  

"It was about six months developing the new application, in steps that included usability among customers and identification of the services most requested by them. Thus, we were able to create an easy tool to navigate and more in line with the expectations of consumers", concludes the business specialist, responsible for the product at Neoenergia, Christiane Costa.  

The initiative is part of The Digital Connection,considered the most important Brazilian project focused on the client carried out by the Research and Development (R&D) sector, regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL).​

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