Neoenergia highlights expansion of digital channels and revenue in new payment methods in 2020


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Digital Connection

In a year of many challenges, innovation and new ways of working brought promising paths in 2020. Neoenergia​, in turn, expanded the digital customer service channels to further reach its base of more than 14 million consumers, registering a total of 4.6 million calls via W​​hatsApp. As new payment methods arrived, such as PIX, for example, last year, the company accounted for one million invoices generated under such method, which went into effect in November. So far, more than 2 million invoices have been issued.

The quick response from customers demonstrated the search for safety, practicality and agility in their relationship with companies. During the peak of an unprecedented crisis in the world, companies reinvented themselves and made important releases over that period of time. In order to facilitate the payment of invoices, Neoenergia provided the option of payment in up to 12 installments via credit card, motivating a total amount of R$ 120 million collected in such modality. The Debt Negotiation Portal, released in May 2020, collected R$ 79 million at the end of the year, showing the efficiency of the dialogue at a challenging time for everyone.

These and other similar initiatives are part of the Digital C​onnection, considered as the most important customer-focused research and development project in the electricity sector. Through digital channels, Neoenergia has the possibility to interact with the customer in a closer and more fluid way by using tools present in people's daily lives, with all the necessary information and familiarity with the platforms.

“On the next 5th, the Digital Connection completes one year since its release and we have registered expressive results along this journey. We had the opportunity to offer an even better experience to customers and we improved actions, enabling a process of constant improvement. Our indicators were also improved, we increased our efficiency, raised our quality standards and further customized our initiatives for each consumer profile", points out Luiz Flávio de Sá, Neoenergia's Customer Services Director.

Digitization is one of the main paths that the company has been following, which contributes to the acceleration of digital transformation in the electricity sector with new payment methods and better experiences for customers. Modernization also boosts advantages to offer a service that benefits the end-to-end customer journey. For Neoenergia, innovation is one of the main tools that assures sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness, strategically in line with all of its businesses and activities.

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