Neoenergia has a 1920% growth in profit in Renewable Energy in 1Q21


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Growth compared to the same period of the previous year reinforces continuity of the company's current strategy and was mainly due to the good performance in the seasonality of hydroelectric plants and higher winds in the company's wind farms

renewals-eolicas-financial-resultFirst wind turbine of the Chafariz Complex (PB) - Company is already in the construction phase of the 136 wind turbines that will form the project and forecast completion of the works is by the end of 2021


The generation of "clean energy" is the big bet for a more sustainable and conscious future around the world. Neoenergia, which has as one of its pillars the expansion and robust investment in these natural and inexhaustible resources, achieved a net profit of R$ 101 million in the first quarter of 2021 in Renováveis – an area of the company that includes investments in wind, hydraulic and solar generation projects, registering an increase of 1920% compared to the same period of the previous year.  

To strengthen this positioning and further boost the use of clean sources, that is, with low impact on the environment, the company invested a total of R$ 461 million in renewable energy. The hydroelectric dams of the group accounted for an investment of R$ 45 million, considering R$ 35 million of the recognition in intangible assets related to the Agreement of the GSF (Generation Scaling Factor) of Itapebi,and, in Wind,the total was R$ 416 million, especially in the projects under implementation. The amount represents about 25% of the total invested in the company during the period.  

"The results achieved reflect our intense work to stimulate the growth of renewable energy use in the country. We believe that we have a fundamental role in the Brazilian energy transition, which will guide our society of the future. We are pioneers in sustainable initiatives and we know that it is a path without return for which we are very proud to be one of theprotagonists," says Laura Porto, Director of Renewables at Neoenergia.  

Even in the face of a challenging year, the company maintains the schedule of works planned for large projects in progress. Among the projects under implementation, the Chafariz Wind Complex is part of the company's wind generation expansion strategy in Brazil and promises the generation of its first MWh in 2021 – when its 15 new parks will go into operation. The Complex will also have operational synergy with other Neoenergia assets, such as the Luzia solar complex, the company's first two photovoltaic generation parks and is in the licensing phase, expected to start operating in the second half of 2022.  

Also under construction, the Oitis Wind Complex counts 12 parks between Piauí and Bahia, with 566.5 MW of power, which will be the largest of Iberdrola in Latin America. Together, the works are expected to exceed more than 3,000 jobs in northeastern Brazil with its completion.  

By 2022, the company, with the start of operation of the Chafariz Complex, Oitis and Luzia, will triple its installed capacity in wind and photovoltaic, reaching 1.6 GW.

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