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​​​​Operational excellence in clean energy generation

The Neoenergia Group operates in the renewable energy sector through two fronts: wind and water . Taking into account the assets in operation and under construction, the company has a total of 44 wind farms, 7 hydroelectric plants and 2 solar farms.



In the wind sector, 17 wind farms are in operation in the states of Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba, with an installed capacity of 515.8 MW: Arizona I; Caetité I, II and III; Calango I, II, III, IV, V and VI; Mel II; Santana I and II; Canoas; Lagoa I and II; and Rio do Fogo.

The company has two wind farms under construction: Chafariz, located in Paraíba and comprising 15 farms with a capacity of 471.2 MW, and Oitis, in Piauí and Bahia, comprising 12 farms with a capacity of 566.5 MW.


In the hydroelectric sector, Neoenergia has participation in 7 hydroelectric plants: Itapebi, Corumbá, Baguari, Dardanelos, Teles Pires, Baixo Iguaçu and Belo Monte.

Neoenergia's investments in sustainability are based on its commitment to preserving ecosystems and natural resources. Thus, the possible environmental impacts of the generators in operation are periodically evaluated and initiatives are maintained to protect biodiversity, save water and energy, manage waste and reduce, reuse and recycle materials.


Neoenergia announced in December 2020 that it will build its first solar plant for centralized generation, with a production that will be allocated to the Free Contracting Environment (ACL). The project will be located in the city of Santa Luzia (PB), at the Chafariz Wind Complex , and, due to this, will feature operational synergies with other group's investments. The new park, slated to start-up by the second half of 2022, will have 149.3 MWdc power, enough to supply over 100 thousand households.

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