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​​​Operational excellence in clean energy generation

Grupo Neoenergia operates in the renewable energy sector through two fronts:wind and hydric . Considering the assets in operation and under construction, the company has a total of 26 wind farms and 8 hydroelectric plants.

In the wind sector, in operation today, are the parks: Arizona I; Caetité I, II and III; Calango I, II, III, IV, V and VI; Mel II; Santana I and II; Canoas; Lagoa I and II; and Rio do Fogo. Meanwhile, Canoas II and IV; Chafariz I, II, III, VI and VII; and Lagoa III and IV parks are under construction.

In the hydroelectric sector, the plants in operation are: Itapebi, Corumbá, Baguari, Dardanelos and Teles Pires. Baixo Iguaçu and Belo Monte are under construction, the latter currently operates in a partial way.


Our investments in sustainability are based on the commitment to the preservation of ecosystems and natural resources. Thus, the possible environmental impacts of the generators in operation are periodically evaluated and initiatives to protect biodiversity, water and energy savings, waste management and reduction, reuse and recycling of materials are maintained. 


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