Renewables Hydroelectric Power

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​​​​​Commitment to a sustainable future


Committed to the preservation of the environment and generation of clean and sustainable energy in Brazil, Neoenergia has a broad presence in the hydroelectric segment. 

Currently, the company has 5 plants in operation: Teles Pires, Itapebi, Dardanelos, Baguari e Corumbá III. Together, they have an installed capacity of approximately 7,290.13 MW, producing 21,498.81 GWh of energy. In addition to those in full operation, the Belo Monte plant, in a partial state of operation, adds to this number 6,722.23 MW of installed capacity and 265.9 MW of energy produced.

In recent years, in order to further increase our sustainable performance, we have invested in the construction of the Baixo Iguaçu plant, which estimates a total of 350.2 MW of installed capacity, ensuring an energy production of 171.3 MW.

The operation of the hydroelectric generators is in such a way that the resource captured in the rivers for the movement of the machines is all returned to the system, without any change in quality or volume. 

The whole process of work in the plants is carried out in order to control any possible impact on the environment. Still in the works phase, field campaigns are carried out with the preparation of monitoring reports to evaluate the effectiveness of the applied environmental controls and evolution of activities.

When in operation, Neoenergia also engages in initiatives such as the monitoring of fauna, flora and erosion processes; the recovery and recomposition of Permanent Preservation Areas (PPAs) and springs, and environmental education initiatives. Studies are also carried out to monitor biodiversity in the reforested areas and a careful inspection is maintained to prevent illegal occupation, deforestation and predatory hunting and fishing.


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