Neoenergia gives up to 30% of discount to customers with outstanding bills


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The consumer may also choose whether they will pay in cash or in installments via credit card, through the concessionaire's negotiation portal

Neoenergia's distribution companies (Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE) and Elektro (SP/MS)) will launch, next Monday (15), the campaign 30% Off. The purpose of the initiative is to reduce to zero the collection of interests, inflation adjustments and fine from customers having electricity bills overdue for more than 180 days, which may reach a discount of 30% in the total debt amount. The concessionaires will also allow to pay for the debit in cash or divided up to twelve installments in credit card. The company's intent is to contribute to the financial recovery of the consumers facing income difficulties during the pandemic.

The 30% Off campaign will last for one month and may be adhered to by customers from all consumption classes, which may be residential, commercial, industrial, government or any other class of customer having bills overdue for more than six months. The outstanding electricity bills overdue for more than six months do not fall within the campaign. The customer intending to be part of the campaign must visit the distribution company's negotiation portal and complete the entire process, which ends after choosing the payment method. It should be highlighted that, in the option for 12 installments, the customer must pay the credit card interests.

“This is the first time the distribution companies promote that type of negotiation for all customers, giving upon 30%, at most, of the amount it should receive for the overdue bills. We decided to do so because we understand we have a social role and may contribute to the economic recovery in all classes, since we are all somehow affected by the pandemic. It will be 30 days of intense negotiation so that the highest number of customers may be served", stated the Revenue Management Superintendent, Marcelo Fernandez.

The 30% Off campaign is another initiative by Neoenergia in order to make a contribution to its customers during the pandemic. Over the past 12 months, the company expanded the digital payment methods in its distribution companies, with possibilities of payment via PicPay, Pix, RecargaPay and direct debit, in addition to the traditional bank clerks. The invoices may be delivered via e-mail, in order to avoid any contact with paper and contribute to social distancing and the environment. The customer service was expanded or started to be done via WhatsApp, Facebook, telephone service, at the official website and customer service stores, which are following all health protocols in view of the safety of its customers and clerks.​

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