Neoenergia completes installation of Termope’s new backup transformer


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The operation has taken approximately two years, from manufacturing to the arrival of the equipment at the plant.

In order to ensure increased reliability and availability for Termopernambuco Plant (Termope)​, Neoenergia has acquired a backup transformer, which will provide support in the event of failure of one of the three devices on site. Planning began in 2018 and involved assessment, monitoring, complex logistics, and construction of the facilities to house the product.

With a one-year manufacturing period, the device was delivered in September 2019. Several challenges were faced until the equipment arrival, which traveled more than 3,600 km by road, from Blumenau, in Santa Catarina, its origin, to Ipojuca, Pernambuco, at Termope.

In addition to the implementation works, the plant's project, designed with capacity to supply the energy needs of 25% of Pernambuco state, also included an area surrounding the transformer to protect it from deteriorating.

"We decided to make this investment precisely to rely on this backup and the possibility of quickly replacing a transformer of this size, without impacting our operation, bringing higher reliability and safety to the Northeast Electric System", highlights Emerson Barros, Neoenergia's TPP Maintenance Manager.

The new transformer, produced by Weg in Brazil has a power of 290MVA and weighs approximately 250 tons. The plan included the stages of civil base construction and the roof assembly to protect the equipment, installation and final tests.

“All this process was only possible thanks to a thorough planning for all stages and the coordination of several teams. An acquisition of this magnitude involves a series of factors that were contemplated in each phase until the arrival at Termope," says Jon Elquezabal, Neoenergia's project manager.​

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