Intern Day: Neoenergia promotes initiatives that attract and value talent


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​The company has positions open in several areas at Neoenergia, which operates in 18 Brazilian states and the Federal District​


More than 600 interns are part of Neoenergia, including students from higher, secondary and technical education. This professional force is honored this Wednesday, August 18, when we celebrate Intern Day. At Neoenergia, university interns have an exclusive Development Program, aimed at valuing talent and guaranteeing growth opportunities from the beginning of their professional lives.

This year, Neoenergia launched a different format in its Internship Program, with a new selection model. As a result, positions are now open throughout the year on the company's Internship Positions Portal, in an even more assertive recruitment process that offers dynamism and speed to the process. The positions open are for several areas at Neoenergia, in different Brazilian states where the company operates in businesses that include generation, transmission, distribution and sale of energy. In addition to submitting the curriculum and applying, students can create alerts for the desired areas. This way, when there is a position thet the candidate is interested in, they will receive an email with the information.

We understand the internship as an important entry point into the company and, therefore, we work by developing these talents, encouraging them to take a leading role and creating internal opportunities, as they can be our future analysts, specialists and leaders. Among our objectives is to create positive impacts in people's lives, valuing job creation and​ cultural diversity", says Régia Barbosa, Superintendent of Organizational Development and Internal Communication at Neoenergia.

During 2020, more than 400 interns were selected in the company's selection processes and when looking only at the 1st half of 2021, the number of interns selected is already above 220. In the six profiles below, it is possible to know a little more about these professionals and students who have their career path at Neoenergia:

Matheus Gentile, assistant III in the area of internal HR consulting


The economist started his first internship and his trajectory at Neoenergia in the training and development area, then moved to the personnel department and was an intern at the internal HR consultancy, an area in which he had the opportunity to become a permanent employee and in which he continues to work today. Matheus was hired in March 2020, about a year before completing his graduation. “This initiative was the realization of all the feedbacks I had, an acknowledgment accompanied by a challenge with more responsibilities", celebrates the Assistant III.

Matheus says that he found himself in HR, as he is able to use his training in economics to improve people's lives, and takes the opportunity to give tips to other professionals who want to stand out in their careers. “It's important to understand where you are and where you want to go. Therefore, it is essential to prepare for when opportunities arise, always seeking development and knowledge in various forms, such as courses, lectures and research. Career protagonism begins with preparation and attitude ".

Ana Melhorance, 9th semester student of the Electrical Engineering course

The 30-year-old intern works at Neoenergia's holding, in the Renewables Operational Relationship Department. The sector is responsible for the real-time operation of wind farms, which will soon integrate the operation of solar parks and hydraulic plants. Ana's work consists of supporting the pre- and post-operation processes of the Renewables Operation Center (CORE), such as helping with the programming of interventions, reporting occurrences recorded in the parks and calculating the amounts of use of the transmission system.

She started as an intern at Neoenergia in September 2020 and is in her second undergraduation. Before opting for the engineering area, she worked as a metrologist – a professional who takes care of measurement studies, instrument calibration and quality assessment in laboratories – and is now in her first internship as an electrical engineer. “I learned the importance of making a path in my own time and moment. The internship is an extremely necessary point to follow a career and I know I have a lot to learn. When working at Neoenergia, I see the amount of opportunities that exist within the group itself and I am confident that I know how to perform well in what I am studying".

Rodrigo Cardoso, Junior External Communication Analyst

The professional started his career at Neoenergia in December 2015 as an intern in the area of Internal and later External Communication at Celpe, Neoenergia's distributor in Pernambuco. After completing his graduation, whose final thesis was a communication campaign by Neoenergia itself, Rodrigo spent a period providing services for the company, until being hired in August 2019. About a year later, a new challenge: he was invited to work at the group's holding, in Rio de Janeiro, continuing his trajectory in External Communication, but this time with more responsibilities. “In almost six years of working at the company, I see that I have developed several knowledge that have improved me as a professional. Today, I look back and see that time passes quickly and that it is essential that we take advantage of the best development opportunities", says the 25-year-old analyst.

Rodrigo highlights how he could grow together with the company and how this impacted his career. “Neoenergia was not simply hiring me as an intern, but calling me for a professional training process. I was able to develop several skills, including emotional intelligence, in addition to being free to question and experiment. The company gave me support for this learning process, with very close leaderships and responsibilities that demand high-level deliveries".

Clara Carvalho, student of the 9th semester of the Electrical Engineering course

The intern has been working at Neoenergia since April 2021, working in the area of energizing the distribution works of Cosern, a concessionaire in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte. This is Clara's first internship, since she decided to study Electrical Engineering after seeing an interview with a woman from the same area on TV and being inspired by the story.

In her daily life, the student analyzes the documentation necessary for new clients to join the network, control the work reports and follow up on deadlines, dealing with various data and people. “I'm enjoying this work with construction management, as I deal with data interpretation and I have the opportunity to be in contact with the team".

Clara highlights how much Neoenergia's environment contributes to her professional development, as she perceives great care in people management. “At first, I was nervous, but soon that changed, as I felt very welcomed by everyone, and they were always willing to teach me what I needed. I realize that I have the freedom to suggest ideas, experiment and grow, with space to make mistakes and keep learning".

Eliana Lima, junior social media analyst

Recently hired by Neoenergia, Eliana worked for two years as an intern at Elektro – a distributor that serves the interior of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul – in the area of external communication, producing content for social networks and supporting press demands. The news of the hiring came in the same week she presented her Course Conclusion Paper at the Advertising university and, since July 2021, she has been working interacting with clients on social networks. She is part of a team responsible for providing answers and monitoring the contents of 18 Neoenergia media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of the brand and distributors. “I have a lot to learn and I feel that my work is very important, as I always try to help clients in the best way possible".

When talking about her trajectory at Neoenergia, Eliana highlights that her dream was always to have a career in a place and the company op​ened that door for her. “When I was an intern, I used to hear from people that I seemed to be effective, as there was no distinction between my results and deliveries. I always tried to stand out for my work, bringing innovative ideas, going after information and trusting my instincts. And I continue to do so, to learn, develop and grow even more".

Bruno Cândia, 9th semester student of the Control and Automation Engineering course

The 24-year-old intern has been working with prospecting and project alignment in agile project management and change management at Neoenergia since February 2021. Right now, Bruno is involved in an initiative developed solely by the interns. Called the Portfolio Management System, the platform unites all areas of the company that are responsible for developing projects, in an open environment for sending and sharing structured suggestions that generate benefits for the company.

I have the autonomy to work on several projects at the same time and connect with different areas, a knowledge that adds a lot to the professional ", says Bruno, who takes the opportunity to reinforce the integration and collaboration experienced between the teams at Neoenergia. When listing the tips for other interns to stand out in their career, he mentions the importance of showing your value. “Always make a point of talking, being proactive, looking for how to be better and being humble enough to learn, as we are in constant evolution. Thus, I always seek to grow as much as possible and take advantage of opportunities".​

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