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digital connectionConsidered the most important Brazilian Research and Development (R&D) project focused on the customer, Conexão Digital has already more than one year since its implementation in March 2020. The initiative has created and integratedcustomer service, with several innovations that facilitate access to services and connection with consumers. The project became even more essential because it allows the use of digital media in a period of social distancing, ensuring quality care while favoring safety.  

There are more than 115 products expected to be launched within the Digital Connection over 42 months, benefiting about 15 million customers in the distributors Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN), Elektro (SP/MS) and Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília (DF), which should be integrated into the processes soon. Among the highlights of the releases are the virtual assistant on Whats​App and Messenger (Facebook),the online request for a new connection and the integration with the PIX payment method when paying energy bills.  

For The Director of Customer Service of Neoenergia, Luiz Flávio, the Digital Connection project reinforces the company's commitment to having the customer in the center of the business, so care to listen to consumers so that their needs are met. More launches are expected to take place throughout this year, with additional facilities that will improve everyone's experience.   

To learn more about these transformations provided by Digital Connection and other perspectives in customer service, follow the interview with Luiz Flávio:

1. What are the main milestones achieved by Conexão Digital in this first year of the project?  

Among the main milestones of Digital Connection for the year 2020 is the launch of the new online connection service, improving the experience of our customers by simplifying the process to request the service – it is possible to order from wherever the person is, through their mobile device. So far, we have registered 11,000 requests for the digital tool.  

Another milestone is the virtual assistant on WhatsApp and Messenger (Facebook), which uses artificial intelligence and chatbot technology for automated customer service, with more than 70 services available and more than 7 million calls in 13 months, reaching the important number of 2.3 million unique customers. One of the highlights is due to the registration and delivery of the digital invoice by WhatsApp, a pioneering service launched by Neoenergia in the electricity sector.  

We were also pioneers in the electricity sector by making PIX available as a means of payment to customers who receive their invoice by e-mail, launching the novelty on the same day as the Central Bank. With this, we have already counted more than 2 million invoices generated.  

2. What is the importance of a company like Neoenergia investing in an initiative like this that delivers digital services to customers?  

For Neoenergia, the customer is at the center of the business, and improving our customers' experience in the use of our services is part of our strategy. With Digital Connection, we are modernizing and improving our processes and customer journeys, creating and integrating new service channels for our distributors' customers. Digital services that improve and simplify our relationship is a demand of our customers, who are increasingly demanding for quality services.  

3. What learnings are acquired and challenges overcome from the implementation of Digital Connection?

In just over a year of design, we conducted several surveys with our customers to understand their expectations and how we could meet their needs, and it was very clear to us the importance of focusing on products and solutions that meet the real needs of the day to day, so our focus on simplifying processes and improving communication. But without a doubt, the biggest challenge of the project was to adapt to the needs imposed by the pandemic. We started the project and developed all the products throughout the year with the entire team in home-office. In addition, we had to be very agile, launching products in early stages and improving over time.  

4. What are the next steps in the realization of the project?

The project works with agile methodology and works on delivery cycles throughout the year. Upcoming deliveries, based on new and simplified customer journeys, provide for a new integrated virtual agency focusing on all group customer profiles, such as large customers and government sectors, as well as the recent incorporation of new virtual assistant services into WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger such as debit negotiation, new power connection, self-reading and reconnection.  

In addition, we will bring more news to our applications to facilitate proactive access, usability and communication with customers as integration with push notification. In addition to digital channels, we are on the frontlines of developing a new customer service platform that will allow our service teams to have an even better view of each customer and their requests, to ensure first-contact service and better experience.  

5. What other major initiatives are carried out by Neoenergia with a focus on customer service?  

In a year in which online service had to be prioritized in view of social distancing measures, we also focused on means of payment that brought ease to the customer to discharge their accounts without leaving home. We launched a trading portal, allowing payment to the credit card up to 12 times, in addition to the possibility of using the Cash card emergency aid for payment of the account.  

We carry out very important actions, such as Best Friday, where we offer discounts on the interest rate of installments via credit card, Energia para Recomeçar, aimed at rewarding customers who add to the services of invoice by e-mail and updating cadastral, in addition to the cashback campaign, in which the percentage of money received in the payment of the invoice returns to the new users of the Picpay platform.  

6. How do you see the customer service of the future and what paths need to be trodden to reach this scenario?  

The service of the future is related to a simple, complete and multichannel service journey. The focus will be on interaction with customers through integrated service channels, taking advantage of the simplicity and ease of digital technologies, with a specialized and personalized service that only a human agent can provide. These paths are currently being trodden within the Digital Connection project, and we are focused on making this future already a reality for Neoenergia's customers.

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