Neoenergia's collaborative platform stimulates diversity of ideas and generates innovation

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To democratize the innovation process, manage its portfolio and encourage the active participation of employees, Neoenergia has developed the Go In platform, which stimulates the diversity of ideas to seek promising solutions for the company's business and the electricity sector. Innovation Governance software enables registered ideas and projects to follow a structured method based on the needs and opportunities of the company. Anyone collaborating with Neoenergia can submit proposals in Go In and follow a guided trail, in an easy and intuitive way.

The suggestions are evaluated by operational, managerial and strategic metrics that have been defined to ensure tangible portfolio management, aligned with innovation governance. "We want to democratize the innovation process, and for this, we need employees to be valued and integrate into the system intensely," says Francisco Carvalho, Superintendent of Innovation, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at Neoenergia.

After being suggested, the ideas then proceed to additional evaluations and suggestions, online and collaboratively. Following the initial validation, the initiative enters the prototyping stage and then in the creation of the minimum viable product, or MVP, in English. Finally, comes the implementation, with monitoring of results and indicators. In each phase, approval is made by professionals appointed by the superintendences of the areas that respond to the topics addressed.

The supervisor of Territorial Unit for Expansion and Preservation of Networks Talles Medeiros, who works at Neoenergia Cosern, has just started, by Go In, the process of creating a tool to expedite the work of electricians in occurrences with cables that break. " The platform is spectacular, because the idea is not restricted to a distributor or an area. Because it is a corporate tool, everything is at the national level, with an exchange of experiences and characteristics of other regions", he says.

The system used by Go In was developed in partnership with the Center for Advanced Studies and Systems of Recife (CESAR) and is unprecedented in the market due to the scope and functionality of the tool. The platform was launched in August 2021 and is expected that, in 2022, the entire innovation portfolio will be registered and new developments will occur through the software. The initiative is the result of Neoenergia's Innovation Thesis , approved by the board in 2020 and established in current electricity sector parameters and estimates for the future. 

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