Neoenergia reinforces the importance of training talent and career opportunities



The internship is a period of growth like hardly any other, in which students have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and put into practice the knowledge they bring from classes and books. This Tuesday, August 18, is celebrated the Day of the Intern, date that marks the importance of this process. Neoenergia  values this experience, encouraging the training and development of its new talents. People are one of the main Values of the group, which is committed to quality employment, the training of its professionals and respect for diversity. In 2018 and 2019, the company hired 321 of its interns.

Adriana Teodório was 16 years old and was in high school when, in 1999, she started her two-year internship in the new connections sector at Coelba, Neoenergia's concessionaire in Bahia. Twenty-one years later, she has already gone through several positions in the company and today is manager of the customer service department of the distributor, a role that she conciliates with the master's degree in administration. Her team includes 16 interns.

For her, the internship was fundamental in this trajectory. "I still have the badge and I bring lessons that I use to this day. Besides having opened doors so that I could stay in the company, it showed me what I wanted to be in a period of life that for everyone is of many uncertainties. I learned from a leader who said that we should always leave doors open, give our best and create true relationships," she says. "It is very important that the intern brings a different look, is willing to learn and sees the opportunities".



Neoenergia aims at developing young talents, ensuring opportunities for students to improve their skills through active participation in the company's routine and projects. A reflection of this incentive to training is the use of the interns who are part of the Internship Program  in the professional staff of the group, ensuring the opportunity of the first job. In 2019, 182 interns were hired and in 2018, 139. This year's selection process led to the hiring, during the first semester, of 250 students among more than 11 thousand enrolled for various areas such as engineering, finance and law.





"Our Internship Program is a great chance for students to lay the foundations for a successful trajectory. It is an experience that can boost the beginning of a career and offer opportunities for professional growth in the company, which is committed to investing in the training of new talent," says Régia Barbosa, Neoenergia's Organizational Development Superintendent.

The development of its professionals is one of the company's commitments. To this end, it encourages the creation of multicultural and diverse teams, integrated into the global initiatives of Iberdrola group companies. In 2019, the rate of utilization of own personnel for open positions in Neoenergia companies was 77% and the group made 1,195 internal promotions. In the same year, the workforce was 37,977 people, 11,746 of whom were hired professionals, 25,704 third parties and 527 interns.




The date has been celebrated since 1982, when a decree was published regulating the intern´s activities, establishing rules. Currently, the law that determines the rules for this type of experience is number 11,788, of September 25, 2008. The internship is considered by the legislation as an educational activity, which aims at preparing students for the job market. Therefore, it demonstrates the integration between the company and educational institutions for the professional development of students.