Neoenergia focuses on customer experience to deliver more agility and quality service








The largest Brazilian Research and Development (R&D) project focused on the electricity sector consumer, Digital Connection, from Neoenergia,  is one of the projects developed by the company aimed at its more than 14 million customers. This Tuesday (15), Customer's Day, Neoenergia reaffirms the actions built by the company, directing efforts to ensure continuous improvement in the consumer's experience, whether through services, products or process adjustment in its four distributors, in five states of the country.

Digital Connection  includes more than 100 products that integrate and create service facilities such as the virtual assistant available on Facebook and WhatsApp, which has already recorded more than 3 million services in about five months of operation. Through digital channels, Neoenergia distributors' customers can request more than 60 services, such as the emission of duplicate and power reconnection. "The initiative is based on three pillars: the modernization of the customers' journey, integrated development of digital solutions and digital inclusion. With this, we deliver several benefits that facilitate access to services, placing the customer at the heart of Neoenergia's attention," says Renato Suplicy, Neoenergia's Corporate Manager of Digital Strategy and Services.

For Neoenergia's Corporate Customer Relationship Superintendent, Sebastião Elias, it is important to engage consumers. "Therefore, we always seek to innovate and bring information to all areas of the company about the role of each one in search of full customer satisfaction. Thus, our employees exercise the role of putting themselves in the shoes of the consumer and deliver faster and more quality solutions. The result is more efficient and humanized services and interactions, which make the company's commitment to our customer's experience a reality".

In addition to Conexão Digital, Neoenergia has already launched the reading service, which allows invoices to be issued without the need for a professional from the distributor to travel to the site, and the corporate call center, which has a more specialized team for specific cases, such as customers who have medium and high voltage energy in their homes and commercial establishments. Together with this, the company took a step and launched a debit negotiation platform , in which it is possible to count on payment flexibility and differentiated conditions, such as credit card installment in up to 12x and use of the Caixa Elo virtual card (Emergency Aid) for debit payment. All facilities are available to the customers of the four  distributorsCoelba, Celpe, Elektro and Cosern - and can be accessed through the service channels of the concessionaires.

"Our goal is to offer solutions so that customers can solve their requests faster, already in the first service. This way, we seek to be more assertive and improve our processes continuously, whether at the technical level or in the engagement of employees and consumers", reports Pedro Castro, Neoenergia's Corporate Manager of Customer Experience.



In order to thank the trust and reinforce how important the customer is to Neoenergia, the company launched the Customer Week To the external public, it will be sent marketing e-mails, besides commemorative videos on social networks, which will also be reproduced on the televisions of the service stores. The message is aimed at the consumer, showing the company's goal of connecting and making life easier for everyone, especially with the offer of digital services, which offer autonomy, ease and accessibility.

Internally, Neoenergia also seeks to motivate employees and always foster the customer culture. The purpose is to internalize more broadly, among employees, the awareness of the importance of an efficient service. Among the planned initiatives are chats, virtual meetings, question and answer games and training with administrative areas, meter readers and electricians, who are in the front line with the customer.




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