Neoenergia launches Digital Connection and creates new facilities for customers


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Neoenergia, one of the largest companies in the energy sector in the country,launched on Thursday (5/3) the most important Brazilian research and development (R&D) project focused on the customer of the electricity sector. With an investment of R$ 127 million, Conexão Digital will modernize the processes and journeys of customers, create and integrate the new service channels for the 14 million consumers of its four concessions(Coelba-BA, Celpe-PE, Cosern-RN and Elektro-SP). The project foresees the offer of 115 products that will be used interactively with constant launches over 42 months.

"The electricity sector is undergoing a major transformation and Neoenergia is a pioneer in the implementation of the new paradigm of customer relationship. Our goal is for the customer to realize that for us it really is important. This is a vision of all of us at Neoenergia," said Mario Ruiz-Tagle, CEO of Neoenergia.

Digital Connection is based on three pillars: modernization of the customer journey, integrated development of digital solutions and digital inclusion. The initiative will bring a number of benefits to the consumer: improvement in their experiences and a more efficient service, for example.

"We have redesigned the customer relationship center with Space Connection, which allows us to put the customer at the center of our business and creating a movement of approximation and engagement with consumers," explained the Corporate Superintendent of Customer Relationship, Sebastião Elias.

For the company, there will also be benefits from increased self-service, reduced costs and improved quality of service. "New products, new processes, new technologies and all the efficiencies foreseen in this project will allow Neoenergia to strengthen the customer-centered culture, in a continuous, growing and sustainable way," says Renato Suplicy, Corporate Manager of Strategy and Digital Services.


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