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Neoenergia's investments in energy efficiency actions total R$ 54.5 million in the first half of the year


Photo montage coom lamp, solar panel and pole

Neoenergia's five distributors invested approximately R$ 54.5 million in projects that promote the conscious and safe consumption of electricity in the states of Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, in addition to the Federal District.

A whole, 612,841 lamps were replaced by more efficient and economical LED models in popular homes and community institutions, public and welfare buildings. Initiatives were also carried out such as the installation of photovoltaic solar generation systems in public and philanthropic organizations; and educational campaigns in public schools on the efficient use of electricity.

The investments are part of the Energy Efficiency Program (PEE), regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), and contribute directly to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) number 7, global action of the United Nations Organizations (UN), which aims to provide clean and accessible energy.

The projects are promoted among all consumer classes, with priority for the low-income population, as suggested by the regulatory body. Among the actions contemplated by the resources for this social group, we highlight the exchange of more than 365,000 lamps for LED lamps for consumers, in addition to 75,600 lamps destined to 828 institutions of these communities.

" The positive impact of changing habits goes beyond the financial economy in the electricity bill, it is also a way to avoid investments in electricity generation, contributing to the preservation of the environment and decarbonization", says Ana Christina Mascarenhas, Energy Efficiency Manager at Neoenergia.

In addition to replacing inefficient lamps with efficient ones, Neoenergia Coelba (BA) and Neoenergia Brasília (DF) exchanged 2,827 old refrigerators for new ones. In Bahia, the equipment was delivered to people affected by the rains that occurred at the end of 2021, in the extreme south of the state.

The concessionaire of the federal capital also continued the donation of scientific refrigerators to store vaccines, an initiative that has benefited the immunization campaigns against Covid-19 in the concession areas of Neoenergia since 2021. In the first half of 2022, Neoenergia Brasília delivered 15 new cameras and collected 30 old refrigerators, a strategy created by the company to avoid energy waste. All municipalities served by the group's distributors benefited.

To expand solar generation, 14 photovoltaic systems were given to public and care buildings, such as public schools and health units, totaling 770 kWp of installed power. In an initiative aimed at the residential public, the Neoenergia Solar project granted a 50% discount on the purchase of photovoltaic panels and contemplated 305 residences, totaling 1.1 MWp of installed power, in four states: Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte and São Paulo.

Public and philanthropic institutions benefited from the eficientization of lighting systems, with the exchange of more than 132,000 lamps in 666 properties. Neoenergia Pernambuco also replaced two engines in a unit of companhia Pernambucana de Saneamento (Compesa).

In public lighting, there was a replacement of 4,000 points by LED technology in ten municipalities. The cities of Terra Nova, Muritiba, Santo Antônio de Jesus, Brumado, Vitória da Conquista, Dias D'Ávila and Acajutiba were contemplated by Neoenergia Coelba. In Pernambuco, the project served the municipalities of Paulista, Serra Talhada and Barra de Guabiraba.

The company provided a discount of more than R$ 329,000 in the electricity bill of almost 17,000 consumers in the three distributors in the Northeast – Neoenergia Coelba (BA), Neoenergia Pernambuco (PE) and Neoenergia Cosern (RN). The results are from Vale Luz, a project that grants discounts on energy bills in exchange for recyclable solid waste directed to waste pickers' cooperatives and industries that carry out waste reprocessing in accordance with current environmental legislation. Waste is collected at fixed and itinerant collection points. In the first half, more than 770 tons were collected, and the project also foresees the exchange of lamps by LED, replacing more than 60,000 between January and June 2022.

At Neoenergia Coelba, Neoenergia Cosern and Neoenergia Pernambuco, the 459 solid waste pickers enrolled in the project were responsible for the delivery of 13.5 tons of aluminum cans that correspondto 53% of the total collected in the semester. " In the case of registered waste pickers, the project pays per kilo of aluminum the amount we receive from the industry, which makes delivery much more attractive, since the payment is made via pix in the available bank account", explains Ana Mascarenhas. " This is an exclusive modality and does not apply to the consumer, who, in turn, receives the amount related to cans in the form of a discount on the energy or fuel bill at the registered stations," he adds.

The Energy Efficiency Program also seeks to stimulate the change of habits through awareness, with educational projects on the efficient use of electricity. In the first semester of this year, more than 3,000 teachers and more than 150,000 students from the concession areas of the distributors participated in the actions in the Mobile Educational Unit in public and private schools, in addition to the attendance in the Space Noronha Energy Classes, in the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha.