Neoenergia Institute launches coloring book to celebrate Children’s Day and the World Migratory Bird Day


October is a very special month for children, as they have one day dedicated to them (10/12). Many people may not be aware, but also this month the World Bird Day (10/5) and World Migratory Bird Day (10/10) are celebrated as well. To celebrate these dates, Neoenergia Institute and SAVE Brasil created the Migratory Bird Coloring Book that provides, using a youth language, many curious and educational information on six species of shorebirds - birds that eat invertebrates hidden in the mud - where five of them are migratory birds. These birds can be seen in some periods of the year, at the Potiguar Basin, in Rio Grande do Norte State.​​

“We have always thought of developing something exclusively for children, with educational information about bird species in Brazil, as a result of our support to Flyways Brasil support, now completing five years, in partnership with SAVE. The book has another very nice aspect, as it helps parents and guardians for the performance of interaction activities with children in this period of online classes due to the pandemic, but with a very informative and curious content at any age. It's just printing and painting", says Renata Chagas, Neoenergia Institute’s CEO.​​

There are 15 pages produced in a children's language, with the presentation of migratory shorebirds, such as the Red Knots, included in the listing of the Ministry of the Environment as one of the endangered species in Brazil, and which spends the months of September to April in the country, to then migrate to the Arctic, where it breeds.​

“We are very happy with this publication because it reveals species little known by Brazilians, but are found in the Potiguar Basin, and in other Brazilian beaches, during several months of the year. It is essential that we share our knowledge about birds with children. They are delighted with the stories, with the migration, they connect content (biology, geography, mathematics, etc.) and are proud to tell about their experience with nature. Brazil is one of the three countries that is the host of the largest number of bird species in the world - our children need to know to preserve them," says Juliana de Almeida, manager of SAVE Brasil.​

With six illustrations for coloring and information about each species, the book was curated by the biologist and project assistant of SAVE Brasil, João Paulo Damasceno, for the development of illustrations that faithfully reflect the characteristics of birds, performed by the illustrator, Alvaro Faria.​​

The book can be downloaded through the link below:​





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Sociedade para a Conservação das Aves do Brasil (SAVE Brasil) is a non-profit civil society organization especially focused on the preservation of Brazilian Birds. SAVE Brasil is part of BirdLife International's global alliance, present in more than 120 countries, and acts in a participatory manner, developing and implementing conservation strategies and actions together with local and national organizations, government agencies, businesses, community leaders, researchers and members of civil society.