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Brasileirão Feminino Neoenergia reaches the final reinforcing the importance of gender equality




Competition will be set on Sunday (26), between Corinthians and Palmeiras. Regardless of who wins, this season has already entered the history of the sport.

This Sunday (26), will be the decision of the 9th edition of Brasileirão Neoenergia. An unprecedented final between Corinthians and Palmeiras. In the first match, 1-0 to Timon. In the match, scheduled for 21h, or Alviverde turns this score, or will watch the main opponent celebrate the national title. Regardless of who wins in the São Paulo derby, this season has already entered the history of the sport. That's because, for the first time since the CBF took over the competition in 2013, Brasileirão has experienced the pinnacle of investment in women's soccer. With teams strengthening, players of the Brazilian national team acting in the country, broadcasts of the games on open and closed TV, the arrival of a historical sponsorship provided the sport with a great advance.  

Neoenergia became the first company in the country to exclusively support the Brazilian national team and the national club competition. With a contract valid for the next four years, the sponsor's goal has a lot of synergy with what women's sport has wanted for some years: to expand women's participation in the social and professionalcontext, combined with gender equity and offering better opportunities for athletes.  

Women have struggled for years to break prejudice and the idea that sport is no place for them. Girls grew up hearing that the ball, the tatami, the clues and so many other spaces were not possible to be occupied. And it was with the support of the sport practiced by women that the company began to contribute with a strong way in the insertion of women in activities previously considered predominantly male.  

Women in the field

Financial independence is one of the main forms of women's empowerment and therefore promoting equal access to the labour market is essential.  

Neoenergia is part of the Spanish group Iberdrola and together the companies develop a project that boosts the participation of women in the sport. Currently, more than 330,000 athletes are subsidized in the world.  

"We believe in equality in all fields and share with these players the same values as effort, overcoming, professionalism, teamwork. These sportsmen are the mirror in which many men and women are targeted, they are examples for so many others who see in sport a window of opportunities for social change. In addition to being a primary right, equality is also one of the essential foundations for building a more prosperous world forall," said Marcus de Barros Pinto, Superintendent of Communication at Neoenergia.  

Currently, Neoenergia has 43% of women in its corporate teams, and in the Executive Board the proportion is 44% female presence. And the company continues to act so that these numbers are even more expressive in the coming years and also diverse.  

Neoenergia reviewed its Human Resources processes and, according to the company, began to work in recruitment and selection to promote more inclusive selection processes. The idea is to form your leadership for diversity management, continue to promote actions for empowerment and combat ing prejudice, not admitting any kind of discrimination.  

More than sponsoring women's football, the arrival of Neoenergia to Brazilian sport brings with it important values. The 90 minutes of a game we love can turn into a great platform for good examples.  

Fair play, gender equality, the fight against prejudice, sustainability, are attitudes that completely transform and improve our life in society.  

Next Sunday, we will see women on the field as protagonists of a sport that can be the main agent of a collective change. They will compete for the highest place on the podium knowing that they will have the support of a company that cares about women's empowerment. And the unheard of dérbi in the final of the Women's Brasileirão will be as historic as the arrival of Neoenergia, supporting and valuing women's sport.