Neoenergia carries out project to encourage participation of local students in public policies


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​​Photo of students gathered in front of the wind turbine

The Winds of Change Project allows young people in the city of Caetité to discuss actions within the reality of the community where they live

Students from the Technical Center of Professional Education of the Productive Sertão (CETEP), located in Caetité, Bahia, visited the Neoenergia wind complex in the region. The young people participate in the pilot project called Winds of Change, developed by the company in the municipality of Bahia, which encourages adolescents aged 16 to 18 years to discuss the reality of the community where they live and the world of work.

The action, which aims to contribute to the human and professional training of young people of the Technical Center of Professional Education of the Productive Sertão "CETEP", was born to encourage students of technical course of environment and safety of work to carry out educational activities with companies in the region. These activities are necessary for the training of young people and for the verification of extracurricular workload, a requirement of the training process of technical courses.

"We want to help in the human and professional training of these young people, who have the need for complementary hours of training, also bringing the practical side, with direct contact with the labor market. We work with topics related to youth and also establish this human relationship, always keeping an eye on the professional potential of these young people", said Diogo Mariga, Superintendent of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) renewables of Neoenergia.

Thus, Neoenergia, together with Rio Energy, a partner of the pilot project, created a pedagogical calendar together with CETEP, which goes through some different stages. The first of these is the creation of a working group of Environmental Education and Youth After that, theoretical and practical activities are carried out on the subject. Finally, a guided tour of wind farms is held with a conversation wheel with Neoenergia professionals and their partners, in which they discuss career, profession and labor market.

The first cycle of Winds of Change was started in the 1st semester of 2022 and served 189 students, with theoretical-practical activities in Environmental Education, focused on interdisciplinary dialogues on sustainability, renewable energy and socioproductive inclusion, from the valorization of the socio-environmental potentialof Caetité. The teenagers visited Rio Energy's wind farm.

The second cycle ended in November, when other cetep students from Caetité visited neoenergia's wind farm. During the visit, the young people were able to make practical observations about the routine of wind farms, dialogue with experienced employees and clarify doubts about the enterprise and the professional market. Initially the partnership between Neoenergia and the others involved was signed for two years, with a duration scheduled until the end of 2023, and can be renewed.

About Caetité Complex

Formed by Caetité parks 1, 2 and 3, Neoenergia | Caetité is located in the municipality of the same name, in Bahia. It has an installed capacity of 90MW in total, distributed among the three parks, which have 15 wind turbines each. The energy produced in the Complex is directed to the National Interconnected System (SIN). Neoenergy | Caetité integrates in full harmony with the environment and the local population, since social and environmental responsibility is a factor of great relevance for the Neoenergia Group. In addition, the generation of clean and renewable energy in the semi-arid region of Bahia contributes to the development of the region. The region has become a national reference center for renewable energy for its wind potential.

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