Neoenergia delivers new distribution substations


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Projects reinforce the electrical system in the concession areas and enable to expand the energy availability to adapt to the growth in the regions 


Taipu Substation, owned by Neoenergia Cosern, reinforces the electrical system in Mato Grande, an important region for agriculture, cattle raising and dairy products in Rio Grande do Norte. 


Neoenergia closed the half-year period completing the construction of six new substations in São Paulo, Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte, which reinforces the electrical system and contributes to economic development in the company's concession areas. The new substations are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and automation equipment, in addition to allowing the remote monitoring and management of these projects, directly from the distributors' operations centers. 

With R$ 60 million investments, Neoenergia Elektro (SP and MS) built substations Iguapé 2 - with 53.3 MVA capacity, distributed on ten 13.8 kV feeders - and Pariquera-Açu 2 - with 12.5 MVA capacity on five 13.8 kV feeders. "This is the largest long-term investment of the distributor in a single region of the concession. These works are part of a set of investments for the service modernization in the southern coast of São Paulo and showcase our commitment to reinforce the quality of supply to our customers", says José Ferraz, Neoenergia's Substation Expansion Manager. 

The two substations feature GIS (Gas Insulated Equipment) technology, which increases their efficiency, and an automated system that allows maneuvers to be carried out remotely, from Elektro's Distribution Operation Center (COD), in Campinas (SP). These technologies increase reliability. 

The 42 meters of front walls of Pariquera-Açu 02 substation were graffitied with awareness messages about the danger of energy theft, safety in construction, the risks of entering the substation without authorization, the importance of energy, and the warning to avoid playing with kites near the power grid. Neoenergia has already adopted this approach in its distribution centers to encourage community engagement and inhibit vandalism, improving safety at the substations. 


Three new substations were delivered by Neoenergia Coelba – Rio Grande 3, Araçás and Rio do Algodão. Rio do Algodão substation's construction involved an investment of around R$ 28 million. Located in the municipality of São Desidério, in western Bahia, the project has a transformation capacity of 20/26.6 MVA and was built aiming to increase the energy supply capacity for agribusiness activities, communities of Novo Paraná village, in Luís Eduardo Magalhães, and the population living along the Rio de Ondas river. In addition, it will improve the voltage level and provide more reliability in the energy supply, by reducing the load at Cerrado Industrial Center, Mundo Verde, and Roda Velha substations. 

“The modernization of substations and the construction of new projects assist in the economic development of our concession areas, by enabling the expansion of electric energy availability and reinforcing the safety and reliability of the supply. Furthermore, through these projects, we contribute to job creation in our areas of operation. We are aware of the importance of expanding our assets and we are keeping our investments", reinforces José Ferraz. 

In September, Neoenergia Cosern powered up the Taipu substation, the fourth distribution center put into operation by the company in 2021. The project was developed aiming to reinforce the electrical system in Mato Grande, an important region for agriculture, cattle raising and dairy products in Rio Grande do Norte. The new substation features a transformer with 10/12.5 MVA installed capacity and three feeders, in addition to being equipped with state-of-the-art technology and automation. Management is performed in real time by Cosern's Integrated Operation Center (COI) in Natal.

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