Neoenergia's customers enrolled as low-income will be exempt from payment tariff between april and june 2020


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​​​Neoenergia residential customers qualified as low-income and with monthly consumption up to 220 kWh will be exempt from paying their energy tariff in the period from April 1 to Ju​ne 30 this year. The criteria for this special benefit for combating Covid-19 pandemic were included in Provisional Measure No. 950, dated April 8, 2020, enacted by the Federal Government.

Currently, around 2.6 million consumers fall into this profile in the four concessionaires of the company (Celpe- PE, Coelba – BA, Cosern – RN and Elektro – SP/MS). However, the number of beneficiaries may increase upon the update of the registry of families that have the Social Register Number (NIS), but are not already enrolled in Electric Energy Social Tariff.

Further consumers already enrolled with the Single Register for Federal Government Social Programs but with consumption above 220 kWh will be able to reduce the monthly consumption in order to be eligible for a 100% discount in tariffs.

MP provides that there will be no discounts to the portion of consumption above the limit set. The decision does not detail how the payment of federal taxes will be made. Law No. 12.212, dated January 20, 2020, sets forth that families registered in CadÚnico, with monthly income per capita lower than or equal to half national minimum wage are eligible to the Electric Energy Social Tariff, The law covers families that have, among its members, any individual with any disease for which the medical treatment requires the continued use of devices, equipment or instruments requiring electric energy, which are critical to preserve life.



In order to ease the access of new customers to Social Tariff benefit, Neoenergia's concessionaries are offering, as of next ​Monday (13), the possibility of enrolling new low-customers via WhatsApp, provided that they meet the criteria set by law. The enrollment may also be done through the concessionaire website at www.neoenergia.com

Is quite simple, the customer just has to inform the concessionaire's contracting account number (located at the right top of the bill) and the Social Identification Number - NIS. The concessionaire will confirm the data with the Federal Government's database. After checking data, the term for inclusion in Energy Social Tariff is five business days and the customer will enjoy the benefit as from the next bill.

For beneficiaries who are not the holder of the contracting account must include the Tax Payer Number (CPF) and ID card of the NIS holder. Is such case, the customer needs to make a photo of the Tax Payer Number (CPF), ID card and NIS and send by email or WhatsApp, together with NIS number. 


Celpe: (81) 3217-6990   

Coelba: (71) 3370-6350   

Cosern: (84) 3215-6001

Elektro: (19) 2122-1696


What is the Electric Energy Social Tariff?

It's a benefit created by the Federal Government for low-income households. It consists in the reduction of the energy consumption tariff by up to 65% and for indigenous and quilombola populations by up to 100%. The benefit is regulated by Law 12.212, dated January 10, 2010.


Who is entitled to Energy Social Tariff?

All Residential Consumption Units with families enrolled with the Single Register for Federal Government Social Programs. The customer must have a Social Identification Number -NIS and a family income lower than or equal to half national minimum wage, irrespective of being or not a beneficiary of Bolsa Família.


Which are the documents required for enrolling with Social Tariff?

Information on documents for Enrollment of Social Tariff can be found at the website, at the link www.neoenergia.com.


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