Neoenergia invests in innovation and launches a new platform for managing construction works


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system-design-logo.jpgSystem integrates processes, from planning to execution, resulting in more agile, efficient and productive actions

Innovation is one of Neoenergia's pillars, including in its strategy the development of methodologies, technologies and projects aiming at agility and efficiency in the company's operation. In line with this proposal, the company has just launched the Logo Project, a platform for the management of construction works in real time. It is expected to reduce the time for inspecting services and reduce travel costs, with the massive adoption of the tool.

Innovation is in our DNA and is part of the sustainability of our business. We pursue pioneering solutions to reduce expenses, gain efficiency and agility in processes, and we always keep an eye on the trends and modernization in the industry. We are part of this constant evolution in the world we live in," says Francisco Carvalho, Neoenergia's Innovation and Sustainability superintendent.

With a user-friendly interface, the system integrates processes, from planning to execution, resulting in more agile, efficient and productive actions. Through Logo, it is possible to remotely control and monitor the progress of the works, its teams, and the history of unexpected events, in addition to enabling the photographic recording of the activities and field inspections.

The system also automates statistical and process performance reports and facilitates the detection of non-compliances in the construction process. This enables a quick and assertive decision making, creating a more intuitive and integrated construction scheduling environment. 

Logo is the result of a co-construction project together with the business areas that have actively participated by giving feedbacks and proposing improvements. The system was designed to support management and their teams, seeking to reduce communication gaps and facilitate the work of users from end-to-end in the process," says Edmar Penalva, the engineer who coordinates the project.

The positive impacts produced by the new solution can be seen in the Superintendence of Coastal and Countryside Operations (SOI and SOL) at Celpe, Neoenergia's distributor in Pernambuco, in the Territorial Units of Study and Planning (UTEPs) in the Midwest and Brumado at Coelba, the distributor in Bahia, as well as in the Units of Special Networks Construction (OLCE - Celpe) and Programming and Control (NPPC) - Celpe. The idea is to have a gradual expansion to generate benefits for the rest of the company.

An additional benefit is the possibility of integrating the processes of programming, management, inspection, payment measurement, and execution of works in a single space, optimizing the time of sending emails and building reports for performance measurement. In addition, the platform's design in web and mobile format is intuitive, with user-friendly tools, such as social networks, for example, with no need for training or manuals for its use.   

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