Neoenergia donates more than 244 tons of food by 2021

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Donations were made in initiatives that benefited people in vulnerable situations in 12 states of the country 

Neoenergia has among its corporate values the generation of social dividend. In a challenging time like 2021, contributing to the fight against hunger was one of the priorities of the company's social actions. In all, more than 244 tons of food were given, in initiatives carried out by the company, the Neoenergy Institute , the Volunteer Program and two hydroelectric plants controlled by the group – Itapebi (BA) and Teles Pires (MT and PA). These donations benefited people in vulnerable situations from 12 states in the five regions of the country.

The donations are aligned with the company's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially to combat hunger and promote food security for the most vulnerable populations. According to the latest survey conducted by the Brazilian Network for Research on Food and Nutrition Sovereignty and Security ( Penssan Network), 19 million people face hunger in the country and 55.2% of the population live in food insecurity.  

 The Neoenergia Institute, the company's social arm, carried out in December the Action Natal Solidário, which included the donation of 1,072 basic baskets, totaling about 17.5 tons of food destined to communities in Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte, near the wind farms of Neoenergia Renováveis, "We are aware of the effects of the covid-19 pandemic for the most vulnerable populations  , further accentuating inequality. This reality requires mobilization to contribute to important and urgent actions, such as combating hunger," says Renata Chagas, ceo of the Neoenergia Institute.  

In addition, in 2021, the Institute maintained the Healthy People and Business project, which reached more than 33,000 meals, surpassing 16.5 tons of food distributed in communities in Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte, Bahia and São Paulo. The initiative is carried out in partnership with CIEDS (Integrated Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Programs). The food that is given to it is purchased from local entrepreneurs in the benefited regions, contributing to food security and generating income during the pandemic.  

Through the São João e Boas Energias action, Neoenergia allocated 130 tons of food to social institutions that supported families affected by the cancellation of the June festivals. In 2021, events were suspended for the second time to avoid crowding and prevent covid-19. 10,000 basic baskets were delivered, which benefited residents of the states of Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco, Bahia, São Paulo and the Federal District. The action was partnered by Transforma Brasil.  

More than 73.3 tons of food were given in another initiative of the company, Operation Kilo, carried out by the company's Volunteer Program. The employees collected more than 43 tons of food to benefit families in vulnerable situations, served by 102 charities and NGOs in more than 80 cities in ten states of the country. In all, more than 17,000 people who are served by the institutions were directly impacted by donations. The donation was complemented by Neoenergia, which allocated another 30 tons to cufa (Central Única das Favelas) headquarters in the states of Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.  

"It is gratifying the engagement of our employees in the actions. Especially at times like this, when solidarity is even more necessary, it is important to contribute to the support of the most vulnerable people and the development of a society with more collectivity," argues the Manager of Internal Communication and coordinator of the Volunteer Program of Neoenergia, Clayton Urbano Freire.  

Due to the heavy rains of recent days in the southern region of Bahia, thousands of people have been affected and homeless. Therefore, Neoenergia is organizing, in partnership with Transforma Brasil and WSolidário, a donation stake. The company's employees are contributing financial donations to the Transforma Brasil Fund, which will be reverted into food for the injured families.  

The Itapebi  and Teles Pires hydroelectric plants totaled approximately 6.5 tons of food given to municipalities surrounding these projects. In addition to basic baskets, Itapebi made the donation of prevention materials to covid-19, such as gel alcohol and protective masks, contributing to the fight against the virus in the region.  ​

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