Neoenergia digitalizes intern’s selection process during coronavirus pandemic


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The quarantine period has required companies to create unprecedented solutions for their routines. To carry out its 2020 Internship Program selection process, Neoenergia used an application developed by Eureca, digitalizing the entire process. There were over 11,000 candidates registered. Of this total, 700 were chosen for interviews to fill the 250 vacancies available in several areas such as engineering, finance and legal.

The selection process began in February, before the pandemic, when interested parties submitted an online application through the Eureca platform. At this stage, the candidates completed a "Cultural Fit" to assess the connection of their values to the company's purposes and sent an individual video presenting themselves and communicating their expectations. This stage also included an educational activity in which those enrolled were able to learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, adopted by the company.

When the quarantine was decreed, the group dynamics, which would be face-to-face, had to be adapted quickly and it was at this time that the company chose to use the recruitment application. "We digitalized the entire selection process and maintained the Internship Program as a way to encourage talent attraction and education", says Mirella Ficoni, responsible for Neoenergia's organizational development area.


Managers with open internship positions have been guided to download the application, which shows the profiles and results of the five best evaluated candidates in the first stage. The app screen presents a guide with orientations for leaders, the selection process schedule, the list of candidates with their results and the interview times, which happen every week.

With the information on skills and abilities of each of the candidates presented in the application, the responsible chose three finalists to proceed to the last phase: the online interview. "It is interesting that the selection process involves the manager, who will conduct the intern's professional experience", explains Mirella. The final interview will take place in July by video call, through the Microsoft Teams platform.


In 2019, Neoenergia hired 182 interns in its professional staff, which demonstrates the company's commitment in training new talent. Last year, the company had a workforce of almost 38 thousand people, 11.7 thousand of whom were its own professionals, 25.7 third parties and 527 interns.


At the beginning of the pandemic, the company adapted quickly so that part of its employees could work in the home office system. In just four days, Neoenergia created systems and processes so that more than four thousand employees could work from their homes without the change having an impact on serving 14 million customers. The investments in technology made by the company and the dedication of the teams were fundamental in this process.

This initiative is part of the  Iberdrola group answer to Coronavirus .

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