Neoenergia creates pioneering model for online orders for new power connections


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Company stands out for being the first in the industry to offer combos with different consumption profiles

Neoenergia​ launches another novelty for requests for new energy connections. The service, which was already accessible online through the virtual agency for residential urban customers, now also includes rural units and low-income consumers. Allied to this, the digital request form became simpler and the future customer does not need to make a cargo declaration with the list of all the equipment he/she has at home, as was the case until then. On the new portal, it is possible to choose from combos that vary according to the profile of each consumer. In Brazil, Neonergia is the first company to offer this model for new connection requests, reinforcing the company's commitment to deliver services that privilege the customer at the core of the business.

​The innovation works as follows. When entering the virtual agency, the customer can hire the service according to his/her level of consumption, similar to what is done in mobile phones and cable TV plans. Thus, Neoenergia has created four combos for residential customers, which relate in a simple way the main equipment used - television, refrigerator, iron, washing machine, fan - and the average amount of each one. The main difference between combos is the use of air conditioning and electric shower, which most modify the energy demand. From this information, the distributor is able to properly size the energy unit's trailed power, reinforcing the safety of the installation.

​Until then, this step was done by means of a cargo declaration, in which the consumer had to select individually the items from a list, filling an extensive form with the list of all the equipment and outlets existing in the residence. In this new model created by Neoenergia, one only needs to select one of the combos to proceed with the request, something unprecedented in the Brazilian electric sector. "This is a disruptive action made by Neoenergia in order to create a service journey that seeks to meet the customer's needs, making the process more dynamic and objective," informs Renato Suplicy, Neoenergia's corporate manager of Digital Strategy and Services.

In addition to choosing from the variety of combos, the customer can also choose to customize his/her package. Allied to this, there is a field where he/she selects a type of tariff - conventional, social or white. "To reach this model, the company made a study that allowed to create the different combos in a safe way, following the regulations of the area. Within the new connection portal, the customer even has access to other important information, such as the necessary preparation for the property to receive the new connection", says the analyst and product manager at Neoenergia, Laís Lamana.

The initiatives are part of the Digital Connection, considered the most important Brazilian project of Research and  Development​ (R&D) focused on the customer. In addition to the launches, the innovations for the new connection request come to add to the existing facilities. In September 2020, Neoenergia launched the technology of facia​l recognition, which allows the request for a new energy connection without the customer having to go to the distributor's service store. This is possible due to the system that compares the selfie of the person with the photo of the document and checks the data from where he/she is.

The novelties are already available for the urban and rural residential customers of Elektro - Neoenergia's concessionaire that serves part of the states of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul. Still in the first quarter of 2021, the online request for a new connection will be able to be carried out by commercial and industrial customers and units that have rural benefit. During this same period, the service will be expanded to the other concessionaires of the company - Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE) and Cosern (RN). Accessible through the distributor's website, soon the service may also be requested by the application and WhatsApp.​

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