Neoenergia begins the first classes of the School of Electricians in Brasilia


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Professional training initiative, pioneer in the Federal District, promotes job and income generation and seeks gender equity, filling 30% of vacancies with female students


After going through a selection process that involved 1,500 candidates, enrolled in 24 hours, 75 students start classes at the first School of Electricians of Neoenergia in Brasilia. The virtual launch event took place on the afternoon of Wednesday (25) and had more than 100 participants, among students of the course, leaders and employees of Neoenergia Brasília - energy distributor of the group that attends the Federal District, in addition to the Secretary of Women and the Secretary of Labor of the Federal District. At the end of the course, participants will be able to perform activities in electrical installations in power distribution networks. The initiative is part of the income employment generation program launched by the distributor in 2021, with support from the Federal District Government.  

"We understand that we need to go beyond being a company that only provides a quality service to the population. Our commitment, when assuming the management of the distributor, is to invest not only in the company's assets, but also in the people of the Federal District. The launch of the first class of the School of Electricians of Neoenergia Brasília is another sample of our concern with the development of people, with talent, with diversity. This is the way for us to lead our company and the Federal District into the future," said Mario Ruiz-Tagle, CEO of Neoenergia, at the opening of the event.   

"In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are committed to promoting growth and developing technical and human talent and capabilities in the Federal District" says Frederico Candian, president of Neoenergia Brasília. "In this way, we start the training course, which will qualify women and men and prepare them for the job market. More than a simple professional training, students and students will have a real opportunity to integrate the functional staff of the distributor or our partner companies providing services", concludes Candian.  

In the name of professional inclusion and gender equity, 30% of the class was filled by female students. "Neoenergia Brasília seeks to promote professional inclusion and gender equity in a profession previously dominated by men and previously predominantly seen as male. The School of Electricians arrives to insert more women into the market and undo a still distorted perception of society", says João Paulo Rodrigues, Director of Institutional Relations at Neoenergia. The pioneering of the group in promoting, in Brazil, education and professional development for women has even been recognized internationally by UN Women as an example to be followed.  

Neoenergia Brasília remains in constant search of qualified professionals in various areas of activity and job creation in the Federal District, having, in these 6 months alone, hired more than 170 new employees and increased the workforce of contractors by more than 80 employees. "The School of Electricians is an excellent gateway for qualified professionals to work directly in the company's end-of-business activity", recalls Candian. "Our expectation is to hire even more professionals and increase the workforce of contractors in the coming months to meet our planned investments in the Federal District" says Frederico Candian.  

As a result of the pandemic, theoretical disciplines will be taught remotely. Online classes can be accessed through computers, smartphones or tablets. The practical classes will be in person, in open environments and following health protocols, according to health and safety standards. There will be mandatory use of masks, the distance of two meters between students and the prevention guidelines for Covid-19.  

SUPPORT – With classes taught by the National Service of Industrial Learning - Senai-DF, the initiative has the support of the Government of the Federal District, through the Secretariat of Women and the Secretariat of Labor.   

For The Secretary of State for Women of the Federal District, Ericka Filippelli, the initiative is an excellent business example, which must be perpetuated." This is an important and fundamental initiative for the promotion of women in the Federal District, especially in the axis of economic autonomy and coping with violence. Vocational training and qualification are essential for empowerment, autonomy, independence and choice, principles advocated byus."  

The Secretary of State for Labor of the Federal District, Thales Mendes Ferreira, recalls that initiatives like this are in line with the performance of the portfolio in the development and strengthening of professional training for the state. "The School of Electricians is in perfect adherence to the professional qualification policies instituted by SETRAB, promoting social and professional qualification and promoting the employability of women and men in the Federal District", he says.  

OPPORTUNITIES – There are also other job opportunities at Neoenergia Brasília. Through the address https://www.vagas.com.br/vagas-de-neoenergia-brasilia-, vacancies are open for hiring professionals from various academic backgrounds, as well as technicians and electricians.   

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM - Registration for the 2021 Internship Program selection is also open. To attract new talent and give more dynamism to the process, vacancies will be available on the company's https://www.neoenergia.com/pt-br/pessoas-e-talentos/nosso-programa-de-estagio/Paginas/default.aspx throughout the year. This model brings benefits to candidates, allowing recruitment to be broader and more assertive. Registration can be made both for the opportunities already available at the moment, as well as for future vacancies at Neoenergia. In addition, the curriculum update can be performed throughout the year, enabling the insertion of new formations by the candidates and increasing the chances of entering the company.  

In addition to enrolling the curriculum in the Internship Program, students will be able to create alerts for the desired areas, receiving an informative email when the opportunity is opened. Employment and income programs are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth. 

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