Neoenergia launches program that will draw R $ 400 thousand in prizes


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​​Women's art with cell phone in one hand and in the other holding sign with the text "Energy Promotion to Start Over 3"

This is the third edition of Energia para Recomeçar, held in the company's five distributors

Neoenergia started, on Monday (10), the third edition of "Energia para Recomeçar", which will draw R $ 400 thousand in awards for consumers who are with the bills up to date. In total, 530 customers of neoenergia coelba (BA), Neoenergia Pernambuco (PE), Neoenergia Cosern (RN), Neoenergia Elektro (SP) and Neoenergia Brasília (DF) distributors will be included in the draws that will take place monthly until September 2023.

In this edition of the program, the award will be awarded directly to the customer's energy bill. In the first ten months of the campaign, 50 consumers will be drawn monthly with R$ 500. In the 11th month, there will be a special draw, in which 30 people will be entitled to R$ 5,000.

"This is another initiative of the company that encourages consumers to stay up to time with distributors. We aim to offer payment facilities to customers, with negotiation actions and adoption of digital channels, which also help the environment by avoiding the issuance of paper invoices," said Leonardo Moura, Superintendent of Commercial Processes at Neoenergia.

To participate is simple. All customers who are paying the electricity bills on time can access the www.energiapararecomecar.com.br and register. With this, the consumer will already compete for the awards. By adhering to the digital invoice, selecting debit payment on account or via Pix, the customer increases the chances of being drawn.

"In all, distributor consumers can compete with up to six lucky numbers. Those who register and are in default already receive two numbers. By accepting the digital invoice (email, Whatsapp or SMS), the customer receives one more number. Consumers who make payment via direct debit earn two additional numbers and those who select the option via Pix have three extra numbers", explained Clarissa Chagas, supervisor of The Collection Management of Neoenergia.

Award-winning customers will be the ones who have their numbers drawn by the Federal Lottery in each of the eleven months of the campaign, according to the regulations available on the www.energiapararecomecar.com.br. On the Energy to Start Over online page, you can also follow the winners of the initiative.

Energy to Start Over

Faced with the difficulties imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Neoenergia launched, in 2020, The Energy to Start Over. The program was an initiative of the company to assist customers in the process of economic recovery. In the two previous editions, 144 consumers were drawn with a total prize pool of R$ 595,000.

"Energia para Recomeçar benefits consumers who have a relationship of delinquency and digitization with the company. Thus, we have improved the experience and the consumer journey, improving the relationship with our customers, who are increasingly demanding", said The Corporate Collection Manager of Neoenergia, Rafael Duran.

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