Energy Efficiency Program at Neoenergia refurbishes street lighting on 38 cities in five states


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​​Nearly 27,000 standard street lamps will be replaced by LED lamps until the end of 2020 through an initiative carried out by Neoenergia's power distribution companies Coelba (Bahia), Celpe (Pernambuco), Elektro (São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul) and Cosern (Rio Grande do Norte). The projects comprise the Energy Efficiency Program of distribution companies regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) and aimed at promoting energy efficiency in part of street lighting in roads, streets and squares spanning 38 municipalities in five states in which the companies operate. Until now, 11,120 lamps were replaced and, for the next six months, 15,861 additional lamps will also be replaced.

“We expect power savings up to 50% in some cities with the energy efficiency measures in street lighting. This is due to the LED technology in which the lamps are manufactured, with increased performance compared to sodium-vapor, mercury-vapor, or mixed lamps. Benefits are not only in the power bill. Maintenance costs are also reduced since the useful life of LED lamps is higher than those of standard systems", explains Ana Christina Mascarenhas, Energy Efficiency Manager at Neoenergia.

The energy efficiency project for street lighting is a result of partnerships from Neoenergia's power distribution companies with local city governments. Launched in 2019 at Elektro, the project was expanded in 2020 to Coelba, Celpe and Cosern. The initiative comprises a full replacement of street lighting sets, including lamps, street lights and standard reactors, for a single item: the LED lamp. In addition, the power distribution companies shall provide training to urban teams regarding efficient power usage and power management.

“In addition to energy gains, people will be able to enjoy the perks provided by this initiative throughout the city, such as stronger lighting on streets, avenues and squares, in addition to the standardization of road lights, which will be upgraded", states Daniel Sarmento, Neoenergia's energy efficiency supervisor.


At Elektro, the project was already launched in the cities of Mariporã, Santa Isabel, Peruíbe, Guarujá, Registro, Jales, Águas da Pra ta, Atibaia, Ubatuba, Sete Barras, Arujá, Votuporanga, Dracena and Panorama. It is currently being implemented in São Paulo municipalities São João da Boa Vista, Fernandópolis, Queluz and Vargem Grande do Sul, in addition to Três Lagoas, in Mato Grosso do Sul. Until December 2020, three other municipalities will be serviced within the company's concession area.

At Coelba , Celpe and Cosern , the project is taking place in 16 municipalities. In Bahia, 13 cities are expected to be involved, and three of them are already chosen for August - Salvador, Aramari and Irará. In Rio Grande do Norte, capital city Natal and the municipality of Parnamirim will be included in the project. In Pernambuco, at the city of Paulista, the street lighting energy efficiency initiative comprises a pilot project named “Em Frente Brasil", which is under development in a joint effort with the Federal Government in cities with the highest violence rates in the country. Paulista is one of the five Brazilian cities that are involved in the program and the first in the Northeastern region to be benefited. The goal is to reinforce security by installing a more modern and cost-effective street lighting system, providing increased visual comfort and better visibility.

“With the first phase of the project concluded until the end of July, we estimate 6,000 MWh annual savings at Elektro. When all locations are concluded, annual savings may reach up to 12,360 MWh. This amount is obtained from the combination between estimated consumption reduction in all 38 cities benefited from street lighting upgrades", informs Daniela Souza, Energy Efficiency Supervisor at Neoenergia.


Health units working in treating COVID-19 cases in the states of Bahia and Pernambuco were also benefited by the Energy Efficiency program carried out by Neoenergia. Actions include inspections and optimization of air conditioning, refrigeration and lighting centers of public buildings.



The Energy Efficiency Program of Neoenergia's power distribution companies comprise a series of actions in order to raise awareness regarding power consumption efficiency and safety. In addition to the replacement of street lamps, replacement of old inefficient lamps for Procel certified LED units is also carried out in low income customer households, educational awareness activities in schools, encouraging recycling and installation of solar panels.

The initiatives contribute to power savings and preserving the environment, and are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) proposed by the United Nations (UN). Among said goals, Neoenergia has focused, particularly, in SDG 7, aimed at bringing accessible and clean energy to everyone, and SDG 13, which comprises urgent measures for fighting climate change.


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