Neoenergia's distributors deliver 39 large sized works in the 1st semester


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Focused on reinforcing the quality of the supply to customers, services included, among other interventions, the completion of five new substations 


Juazeiro IV Substation (Juazeiro - BA) inaugurated by Coelba. Enterprise reinforces reliability of the electrical system for more than 64,000 inhabitants of the region


Neoenergia operates with a focus on the quality of energy supply to its more than 15 million customers in five concessionaires – Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN), Elektro (SP and MS) and Neoenergia Distribuição Brasília (DF). To reinforce the system's safety and reliability, the company completed 39 large sized works in the first half of 2021, including the construction of five new substations, in addition to the expansion, renovation and digitalization of assets and the implementation of new lines.

In the first half of the year, the Capex of the distributors was R$ 1.8 billion, of which R$ 1.2 billion was for grid expansion. The investment for the construction of new substations and distribution grids totaled R$ 392 million in the period.

"It is these construction works, expansion and improvements with the digitalization of our substations, among other interventions, that allow us to meet the demand of our customers with quality, safety and reliability.  Furthermore, through these investments, we contribute to job generation in our areas of operation," says José Ferraz, Neoenergia's Substation Expansion manager.

In June, Coelba energized the Juazeiro IV substation, in 69 kV, a work that received investments of more than R$ 17 million. The construction of the Araçás substation was also completed, a project for which about R$ 6.6 million were allocated and will benefit approximately 17 thousand customers in the region of the municipalities of Araçás and Pojuca.

Neoenergia's distributor in Bahia also delivered the enlargement of the Jequié substation, in 138 kV, which had the addition of a power transformer.  Another 12 substations of the concessionaire underwent asset renewal services and improvements between January and June this year, besides five distribution lines, three of them in 69 kV and two in 138 kV.  In all, Coelba's investments in these works amounted to nearly R$ 40.8 million.

Celpe concluded, in the first half of 2021, 12 works in substations and distribution lines, which received about R$ 31.9 million. In June, the Pernambuco distributor energized the new UR-10 substation, in Recife, benefiting more than 28,000 customers in five districts of the capital and the Metropolitan Region.  The initial power installed in the undertaking is 26.6 MVA, but with the natural housing growth in the region, it can reach 53.2 MVA.  The work cost approximately R$10.3 million.

In the São Lourenço da Mata substation, also located in Greater Recife, expansion, renovation, and digitalization works were carried out, totaling R$14.1 million in investments. More than 27 thousand Celpe's customers also benefited from the construction of a 69 kV line entrance in the Buíque substation, in the State's Agreste (wild area), energized in June.  Renovation interventions were also delivered at four substations Two distribution lines were built at 69 kV.

Cosern allocated R$ 16.5 million for the construction of the Santa Cruz substation, which was energized in March, increasing the offer of energy to 80 thousand potiguares (the so-called Rio Grande do Norte state inhabitants).  In the previous month, the Major Sales substation was delivered, with four new feeders (medium voltage circuits) and a transformer with an installed capacity of 10/12.5 MVA. More than R$12 million were invested in the undertaking. Besides these works, the concessionaire completed the renovation of two substations, the construction of a distribution line and recapacitation of another, all in 69 kV.

Elektro completed the works of the Três Lagoas (MS) substation, which received investments of almost R$ 14.6 million and should benefit 56.5 thousand customers, with energization forecast for the beginning of the second semester.

The distributor started in January the operation of the new substation Guarujá 04, which benefited about 109 thousand consumers on the coast of São Paulo, and has the new GIS technology (Gas Insulated Switchgear) and an automated system that can be commanded directly from Elektro's Distribution Operation Center (COD), in Campinas (SP). In addition, the company expanded seven substations in the central and southern regions of São Paulo.  The distributor's investments in major works in the first half of the year reached R$ 94 million.


The investments in grids are one of the factors that contribute to the quality of the services of Neoenergia's distributors.  In the first half of 2021, the group's concessionaires maintained DEC indicators​ (Equivalent Duration of Interruption per Consumer Unit) better than the targets set by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) for the same period. This means that consumers have a more continuous and reliable supply, with fewer hours of power outages.

Coelba recorded a DEC of 10.82, while the limit established by Aneel was 13.68. The indicator at Celpe was 12.38, below the maximum value established by the agency, 13.27.  Cosern presented DEC of 7.89, better than the regulator's target of 11.35. At Elektro, the indicator was 7.53, while the limit was 8.15.

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