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    Neoenergia reinforces safety measures with electricity during quarantine3297607/05/2020 15:01:01Neoenergia reforça medidas de segurança com a energia elétrica durante quarentena http://int_neoenergia/en-us/press-room/news/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspxIn times of social isolation due to Covid-19, staying at home with children has been requiring an extra dose of creativity and care from parents. Neoenergia reiterates some safety measures to ensure that this moment may be passed through with tranquility.False 0
    Neoenergia develops national technology for the communication of smart grid equipment36329Em projeto de P&D, companhia está à frente da criação do Multilink, um concentrador de medição brasileiro com tecnologia aberta e interoperável.21/10/2020 18:27:20Neoenergia desenvolve tecnologia nacional para comunicação de equipamentos de redes inteligentes http://int_neoenergia/en-us/press-room/news/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspxIn a Research and Development project, the company is leading the creation of Multilink, a Brazilian measurement concentrator with open technology and interoperable use, i.e. compatible with equipment from different manufactures. False 0
    Neoenergia announces financial results for the third quarter of 202012222Check here the financial results of the Neoenergia Group in the third quarter of 2020.23/10/2020 12:25:17http://int_neoenergia/en-us/press-room/news/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspxThe financial results for the third quarter of 2020 (3Q20) point to the beginning of the economic recovery and reinforce Neoenergia's commitment to investments in the country, with financial discipline and responsible management. False 0
    Leadership training program contributes to value creation at Neoenergia12233Initiative aims to train company managers and identify future leaders.22/10/2020 18:39:53The development of a leader, as in any professional occupation, requires constant development With this in mind, Neoenergia launched the Lidera Program, aimed at training company http://int_neoenergia/en-us/press-room/news/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspxThe development of a leader, as in any professional occupation, requires constant development. With this in mind, Neoenergia launched the Lidera Program, aimed at training company managers and identifying future leaders.False 0
    Neoenergia expands digital services and shall suspend power cuts from households for 90 days32905The measure meets the determination of the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL).07/05/2020 15:11:37In line with the provisions of the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) to fight the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), Neoenergia has expanded the availability of digital http://int_neoenergia/en-us/press-room/news/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspxThe measure addresses the provision of the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) and comprises the states of Bahia (Coelba), Pernambuco (Celpe), Rio Grande do Norte (Cosern), inland São Paulo and five municipalities of Mato Grosso do Sul (Elektro).False 0
    Neoenergia expands partnership with Unicef for donations through the energy bill32907With this important step, all Neoenergia distributors become partners of the project that stimulates solidarity and supports the actions promoted by the Fund. 05/02/2020 20:11:21Neoenergia, a Iberdrola Group's company, expanded its partnership with  United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to enable donations through the energy bills in all its http://int_neoenergia/en-us/press-room/news/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspxWith this important step, all of Neoenergia’s distributors - Elektro, Coelba, Celpe and Cosern - will be able to offer their customers the possibility of supporting initiatives in the areas of education, health and protection of children and adolescents.False 0
    Neoenergia extends energy supply with new substations and transmission lines3290809/06/2020 19:45:42Through is distributors Celpe (PE) and Cosern (RN), Neoenergia keep reinforcing the reliability in energy supply for its customers in all points of its concession area http://int_neoenergia/en-us/press-room/news/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspxProjects were delivered at Celpe (PE) and Cosern (RN), reinforcing the supply reliability for important decentralized hubs in these states. The company also was granted with construction license for transmission lines.False 0
    Neoenergia receives preliminary license and installation for the construction of the substation Marmeleiro3291021/08/2019 09:44:30Neoenergia, company of Iberdrola Group​, informs that it received from the State Foundation for Environmental Protection - FEPAM, on July 26, the Preliminary and Installation http://int_neoenergia/en-us/press-room/news/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspxState Foundation for Environmental Protection - FEPAM grants positive opinion for installation of the Substation 525 kV Marmeleiro - Synchronous Compensator - in the municipality of Santa Vitória do Palmar, in Rio Grande do Sul.
    Neoenergia gives some tips on how to save energy at home32911Small attitudes can be adopted on a daily basis to save and reduce energy costs at home.01/09/2020 14:01:03Accordion | Unplugging some home appliances from the outlet save energy Accordion | After fully loaded, keeping the laptop plugged consumes energy http://int_neoenergia/en-us/press-room/news/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspxNeoenergia’s energy efficiency manager, Ana Christina Mascarenhas, warns on the importance of changing habits and uncovers some myths and truths on actions that contribute for saving energy at home.False 0
    Neoenergia Group Distributors carry out operations to deactivate clandestine power connections32912Check here information on the operations carried out by neoenergia group distributors to disable clandestine power connections25/11/2019 18:25:00Neoenergia Group distributors have been conducting scanning  operations since January to combat clandestine power connections in their concession areas - also known in Brazil as http://int_neoenergia/en-us/press-room/news/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalseaspxNeoenergia Group distributors have been conducting scanning operations since January to combat clandestine power connections in their concession areas - also known in Brazil as “cats” or “monkeys”.False 0


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