Carlinhos Brown will make live for children with messages about electrical safety


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The happy combination of music and learning inspires yet another Carlinhos Brown accomplishment aimed at the children's audience. Together with the Indians Paxuá and Paramim, the artist presents next 22 (Saturday), at 4pm, the live "Carlinhos Brown Kids - Protect yourself and take care of your planet", which also has the participation of Milla Franco. The initiative is a partnership with  Neoenergia through its distributors Coelba, Celpe, Cosern and Elektro through Aneels´s Energy Efficiency Program.

"Passing relevant messages in a creative and fun way, with engagement and adherence from the children's audience is a challenge. The partnership with the singer brings us the light speech and the participation of the characters aligned to the children generate the expected result. Bringing awareness to children also helps us to reach their parents. Thus, the idea of the live is to inform and teach, without losing the moment of relaxation", highlights Marcus de Barros Pinto, Neoenergia's External Communication superintendent.


The live show will be broadcasted by Paxuá and Paramim channel on YouTube and by public and cultural TVs from seven Brazilian states - TVE BAHIA, TVT São Paulo, TVE Espírito Santo, TV Aperipê Sergipe, TV Cultura of Pará, TVU do Rio Grande of Norte, TVU of Pernambuco -, making it possible to broadcast on open TV stations to over 300 cities in the country. On September 4, at 11am, TVE Bahia will do a re-exhibition of the special.

Based on a repertoire of ten new songs, a playful scenario created especially for the show, choreographies and games, the quartet - Brown, Milla, Paxuá and Paramim - invites the children to reflect on serious issues: safety and energy efficiency, aiming at saving water, light and preserving the planet. "Besides entertaining, we want to communicate the importance of environmental education for children throughout the country, and this partnership that was born with TVE Bahia is very important, because we know that many of them do not have access to the Internet," stresses Carlinhos Brown.


"In this period of the pandemic, children have been at home for months with their families, away from schools and day care centers. TVE offers them daily educational and cultural programming during the mornings. This live with Carlinhos Brown is a special content that will arrive on open TV in some states by our partner broadcasters bringing music, art, history and knowledge that are essential in the education of those who are our future and deserve all our care and attention," says Flavio Gonçalves, general director of the Instituto de Radiofusão Educativa da Bahia  - IRDEB.

In the show, the song will be the thread for lessons that impact the preservation of the environment and that dialogue well with the moment of social isolation, since they deal with sustainability and prevention of electrical accidents, key themes for Neoenergia


It is not a coincidence that, for four years now, the company, together with the characters Paxuá and Paramim, have been the protagonists of the renowned Energy Efficiency Educational Actions (Ações Educativas de Eficiência Energética in Portuguese), project, which includes animations and shows by the Indians in approaches to safety and energy efficiency. This is Neoenergia's third live during the pandemic, always with these topics in mind.

Anyone who follows Carlinhos Brown's successful career knows that his relationship with the children's audience is not new. The creation, six years ago, of the characters Paxuá and Paramim, is the pinnacle of his involvement with topics and issues of childhood, which have already earned him emblematic moments, such as the nomination for the Oscar for the song "Real in Rio", from the animated film "Rio". All the songs in the live are new and authored and make up the album "Paxuá and Paramim in: The forest of flying rivers", which will be launched on digital platforms on August 21.

The verses of the great Milton Nascimento composed with Fernando Brant live in me, because 'there is a boy, a brat, always living in my heart', and, of course, it is to this boy that I keep holding hands so that he takes me forward in movement and with enthusiasm for life", comments the artist.

The event will follow the social distancing rules recommended by health organizations and will allow donations to the Associação Pracatum Ação Social, created by Carlinhos Brown.



Live "Carlinhos Brown Kids - Protect yourself and take care of your planet"

Date: August 22nd (Saturday)

Time: 4pm

Online broadcasting: YouTube Paxuá and Paramim

Open TV Broadcasting: TVE BAHIA, TVT São Paulo, TVE Espírito Santo, TV Aperipê Sergipe, TV Cultura of Pará, TVU of Rio Grande do Norte, TVU of Pernambuco.


This initiative is part of the Iberdrola group's response to the Coronavirus​.


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