Neoenergia launches, in a pioneering way in the sector, the recurring payment by credit card


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Novelty allows to pay the energy bill in a practical and comfortable way

Neoenergia innovates once again and becomes the first company in the electricity sector to offer the discharge of the energy bill through the recurring payment on the credit card. The novelty, similar to what is already used by telephone companies and streaming services, allows to concentrate the main accounts of the customer in the card invoice and can also increase the deadline for debt discharge, depending on the expiration of the customer's card invoice. With this, Neoenergia expands the variety of payment options for customers, in a modality that offers convenience and practicality, since it is necessary to register only once for the recurring payment to start to be valid.  

To join Neoenergia's new service, simply enter the distributor's website and access the Card Payment option, available on the main page of the site. In the link, the customer will be directed to the flexpag partner platform, in which they can register and join the recurring payment. With this, every month the energy bill automatically enters the credit card and is debited when the card authorizes the transaction monthly, without any interest accrual. In this first moment, the novelty is available to customers of Neoenergia Coelba (BA), Neoenergia Pernambuco (PE) and Neoenergia Cosern (RN), with expected arrival at Neoenergia Elektro (SP/MS) by the end of October and future launch at Neoenergia Brasília (DF).  

In addition to the ease and agility possible with recurring payment, the consumer can also take advantage of the advantages offered by the credit card by concentrating payments within the same invoice, such as score and miles offered by their card. Master, Visa, Hiper, Elo and Amex flag cards are accepted. This is possible from a partnership between Neoenergia and Flexpag, a company specialized in payment through credit and debit cards.  

"With the launch of the recurring payment, Neoenergia stands out by further expanding the variety of options that facilitate the financial life of customers. Thus, we improve the experience and consumer journey, integrating digital solutions and services that improve and simplify the relationship with our customers, who are increasingly demanding for quality services", says the Director of Customer Service of Neoenergia, Luiz Flávio.  

Neoenergia's Corporate Collection Manager, Rosane Patarra, complements the list of alternatives in the company for discharge of the energy bill. "To this novelty, which was long awaited by our customers, we add payment via PIX, partnerships with digital wallets, use of emergency assistance, installment in credit, direct debit, internet banking and accredited paying units", he declares. The manager also highlights the information that Neoenergia pioneered by being the first company in the electricity sector to offer credit card and PIX as means of payment. In addition to this, customers have the possibility to receive energy invoices by email, SMS and WhatsApp, in addition to negotiating overdue accounts through the trading portal.​

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