Neoenergia exchanges more than 75,6 thousand customer lamps for free in door-to-door actions


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The replacement of incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lamps for LED models represents an average savings of 40% in the lighting system. In order to contribute to reducing consumption in popular communities located in its concession areas and to encourage social distance, Neoenergia promotes the delivery of more efficient lamps door to door, at no cost to customers. From July to October, the company distributed a total of 75,638 LED lamps, benefiting 18,979 customers from the four distributors - Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN) and Elektro (SP and MS). The initiative is part of the Energy with Citizenship Project, of the Energy Efficiency Program, regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel). 

The savings promoted by door-to-door actions are estimated at approximately 2,285 MWh. “The project contributes to reducing the energy consumption of the population that most needs to save, as well as contributing to more sustainable habits with the use of energy. With the replacement of LED lamps in each residence, we are able to benefit the population with all the safety that the moment requires", says the manager of Energy Efficiency at Neoenergia, Ana Christina Mascarenhas. 

The actions comply with a health and safety protocol for preventing Covid-19, both for employees and service providers and for customers. The team must wear face protectors and masks during the entire work period, with replacement every two hours or whenever they are wet. All payment machines were laminated to facilitate cleaning, made with 70% alcohol gel, which should also be used on hands, pens, surfaces and any shared objects after each service.  


Through the Energy with Citizenship Project, the communities are visited by mobile agencies, with the objective of promoting closer service, avoiding displacements and agglomerations. In these units, customers can exchange up to five inefficient lamps for LED models, negotiate debits and pay the energy bill using a credit or debit card. The initiative took on this format in July at Coelba and Celpe, in August at Elektro and in September at Cosern. 

To request the lamp replacement, the property must be residential and the customer must present an identification document and the energy bill for the previous month.  In addition, it cannot have changed more than eight lamps in the distributor's projects in the last six years. It is necessary to deliver the old lamps, which can be incandescent, fluorescent or halogen, with a power of at least 14 Watts. The action takes place regularly in popular communities in the metropolitan regions of Salvador, Recife and Natal, in addition to the cities of Limeira and Francisco Morato, in São Paulo countryside. 

One of the advantages of participating in the actions and exchanging inefficient lamps for LEDs is to achieve the same lighting capacity while using less energy, since they have less power. In addition, they have a longer durability than other models and can be disposed of in regular waste since they do not have toxic materials in their composition, such as mercury, present in fluorescent lamps.  

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