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Leadership training program contributes to value creation at Neoenergia




The development of a leader, as in any professional occupation, requires constant development. With this in mind, Neoenergia launched the Lidera Program, aimed at training company managers and identifying future leaders. The initiative, created to serve employees at different leadership levels, was structured in four dimensions - people, processes, innovation and sustainability and business. The project started this year and has 650 participants divided into several classes. The meetings are virtual and are divided into modules that continue until the first half of 2021.​​

"Encouraging the development of leadership is key for the sustainability of the company and we value this because we believe that people are the energy that drives good results. Thus, we have built a structure that ensures the formation of successors and talent management, in addition to promoting the strategic alignment of teams and business growth," says the superintendent of Organizational Development and Internal Communication at Neoenergia, Régia Barbosa.​


Each leadership level - supervisor, manager and superintendent - participates in a different module developed according to the specific needs of the levels. Due to the Covid-19​ pandemic, the meetings are virtual, with an average of two monthly sessions. The first module, in progress, goes until the end of 2020, and two others are scheduled to take place in 2021. "The moments are conducted with the support of partner companies and have contents that include success case studies, practical and interactive activities, learning about people management and leadership improvement", declares Neoenergia's Organizational Development manager, Mirella Ficoni.​​


Neoenergia's Smart Grids superintendent, Heron Fontana, is one of the participants of Lidera, and highlights how the initiative has favored his professional growth. "The program provides a valuable learning environment in which we discuss topics such as organizational culture, innovation and strategy. In addition to knowledge, the interaction in groups also facilitates our day-to-day dealings, generating empathy and closeness that strengthen our organization. The program is a mark of Neoenergia's care and commitment with the development of its employees".

A similar vision is shared with Celpe's Institutional Relationship manager, Neoenergia's concessionaire in Pernambuco, Erica Ferreira highlights the importance of the strategic vision of the business shared during the sessions. "We have the opportunity to know challenges and learnings from the market and access information so that we can think strategically and transversally, which adds a series of tools that help us in decision making. In addition, it is a rich learning provided by the exchange between the different areas of the company".

For the officer position, Neoenergia's largest hierarchical position, the program is done in a personalized manner, with specific actions, in a more global context and focused on the challenges of each officer. For future leaders, the process also has certain particularities. The first is the genuine interest of the employee in becoming a leader, followed by his appointment by the manager and evaluation by HR. This year, 50 employees participate who do not yet hold leadership positions, but had the potential identified​. 





The program was built collaboratively following the Design Thinking approach - a kind of big conducted brainstorming session. From then on, Neoenergia's Organizational Development Management was able to understand the real needs of the employees, through the vision of the leaders and mapping the desires and difficulties of each level. "This first moment was crucial for defining the main pillars - people, processes, innovation and sustainability and business, which guide the daily actions of the teams and integrate”, says Superintendent Régia.

At the beginning of the second half of 2020, a launching webinar was held with the participation of the entire leadership. After that moment, they were invited to voluntarily enroll in the program from the agenda and interest of each one. This first phase, which includes about three months of virtual meetings, has a membership that reaches almost 90% among leaders.​​