Challenges, a nova febre das redes sociais

What are the Challenges, the new social media trend


Challenges, a nova febre das redes sociais

Challenges, an English word that means "challenges", are unusual videos recorded and posted on social media, specially TikTok and Instagram. They are mostly simple and funny choreographies to the rhythm of specific songs. At times, they are simple sketches showing part of people's life. During quarantine, the practice became popular, which includes celebrities adhering to the trend, which has boosted the success of songs and drawn the attention of companies and institutions.

Not all challenges are intended to be funny. One of the first challenges with great relevance was the “Ice Bucket Challenge", which consisted of pouring an iced water bucket over one's head. The challenged already existed when Chris Kennedy, US golfer, has done it in order to promote the awareness on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The video became one of the biggest viral videos in history, with celebrities from around the globe joining, such as Bill Gates, Oprah and Steven Spielberg, and it translated into massive donations to institutions researching the disease.

                         Mark Zuckerberg was another one who got into the wave of challenges

The Industry says Thank you

Currently, many of the most played songs worldwide were promoted after being featured in challenges or popular videos of the platform. TikTok became a powerful tool to make songs viral, either by boosting the release of some songs or gives a new lease of life to hits from other times.

In addition to the entertainment industry, a number of brands and companies have been releasing their own challenges to draw attention to social causes. In order to catch up with such demand, TikTok released the “TikTok for Business" platform under the slogan “Don't Make Ads, Make TikTok".

Turn the light off: the Trending Challenge

The big trending challenge has a name and a rhythm: Apaga a luz! [in English: turn the lights off!] To the rhythm of the Brazilian funk song “Apaga a Luz", by Mc Trope, we would like to encourage people to save energy at their houses, after all, the higher the energy waste, the higher the price that the customer and the environment pay. By using electrical power in a correct and aware manner, people save money in their electricity bill and help preserve the planet's life.

Saving Tips

Turn the light off whenever you can

It may look like a simple detail, but having the habit of turning the lights off whenever you leave any room may help save a lot. And if, even during daytime, you need a lighter environment in order to do any activity, remember to leave the windows wide open to take advantage of the natural light.

Dim the lights at outdoor areas

Whenever you can and without jeopardizing your safety, save energy by dimming the lights at outdoor areas, such as gardens and garages.

Frequently clean the lighting equipment

Keep lamps and light fixtures clean, using as much as possible their capacity to light the environments

Use open light fixtures

Give preference to open light fixtures or, if the model allows to do so, remove the acrylic cap. Therefore, by using the same fixture, you will reduce by half the number of lamps in any light fixture.

Exchange the incandescent lamps

Even though the LED lamps are bit more expensive, it is worth purchasing them because they last longer and consume less energy. Thus, you spend less in quantity of lamps and electricity bill.

By saving energy, you will be helping the environment and your pocket. Tiny changes in daily life avoid waste and make the difference in the electricity bill. On that note, 'para, para, para, para tudo e apaga luz!' [In English: stop, stop, stop it all and turn off the light!] .

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