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Neoenergia will reward customers with on time bills




The economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the budget of many families. To help its customers in the face of this scenario, Neoenergia has been facilitating payment with actions of negotiation and adoption of digital channels. As a way to stimulate the adhesion of consumers to the new ways of paying invoices, the company created the promotion Energy to Start Over, which will raffle around R$ 400 thousand in prizes for consumers with the bills on time of its four concessionaires – Coelba (BA), Celpe (PE), Cosern (RN) e Elektro (SP/MS).

"Neoenergia is in search of solutions that better fit the condition of each customer, the company has been creating digital alternatives that facilitate the receipt of energy bills and payments", states Leonardo Moura, Neoenergia's Commercial Processes Superintendent.

The payment of bills on time is essential for the family budget to remain balanced, avoiding troubles with the accumulation of debts. "We created the Energy to Start Over promotion in order to help customers and stimulate financial reorganization at this time of the economy. It is an important action to make consumers' lives easier and, besides, to reward them", adds Renata Farias, Neoenergia's Collection Manager.




In the Energy to Start Over promotion, all customers who are paying their energy bills on time can access the website www.energytostartover.com.br and make their registration. The consumer who chooses to receive the invoice by e-mail will have one more number and, therefore, increases the possibility of being awarded. Whoever makes the payment by registering for automatic debit and/or using internet banking or the accredited network of distributors will receive a third number.

The winning customers will be those who have their numbers raffled by the Federal Lottery in each of the six months of the campaign, according to the rules available on the website. The first result will be on November 30, 2020. In the last raffle, the amount for each of the concessionaires reaches R$ 40 thousand, the equivalent to a popular car. 

Neoenergia has entered into a partnership with Magalu and all consumers registered on the promotion will have up to 10% discount on online purchases. 

"Neoenergia's goal is to fulfill our customer's dream. Whether with the purchase of a household appliance, the renovation of his/her home, the payment of his/her energy bills or even the use of a year of supermarket, what we want to reinforce is the importance of this achievement for our business," says Clarissa Chagas, Neoenergia's Collection Management Supervisor.




To join the digital payment methods that are reversed in more lucky numbers and increase the chances of winning, customers may access the distributors´ website or contact through the service channels. By these means, consumers can also consult which stores are accredited.


Website: www.coelba.com.br

WhatsApp: (71) 3370-6350 

Customer relationship: 116 


Website: www.celpe.com.br

WhatsApp: (81) 3217-6990 

Customer relationship: 116 


Website: www.cosern.com.br

WhatsApp: (84) 3215-6001 

Customer relationship: 116 


Website: www.elektro.com.br

WhatsApp: (19) 2122-1696 

Customer relationship: 0800.701.0102


This initiative is part of the  Iberdrola group answer to Coronavirus​.​