Neoenergia reinforces the importance actions for environment protection






























In times of pandemic, such as these we are now facing with Covid-19, nature gives us some messages: we are a part of this big network and we need to preserve it. The protection fo biodiversity is the focus on this June 5, celebrating the Environment World Day. In line with Iberdrola’s global initiative, Neoenergiaadhered to the theme and strengthened the strategy of designing projects that are sustainable since the onset, in the search of raising awareness and mitigating the impacts on the wild life and flora. The projects are detailed at the newsletter published this Friday by Iberdrola, Neoenergia’s parent company. In view of the global crisis, the group emphasizes that the solution will be found in the green recovery of the economy, prioritizing a sustainable model for the energy sector and the fight against climate change.


The entire environment concept is built by Neoenergia based on its corporate policies, its purpose and values. Five corporate policies are linked to sustainability, namely: Sustainability Management, Environment, Biodiversity, Combating Climate Change and Sustainable Development. The company’s formal purpose is to keep building, day after day, on a collaborative basis, a healthier and more affordable energy model; moreover, sustainable energy is one of its values. “As sustainable energy, we mean all processes that permeate energy - generation, transmission, distribution and trading. Neoenergia is highly aware of its responsibility of contributing to the preservation and protection of the environment. This understanding is integrated into the development or our activities and the relationship with our stakeholders”, says Francisco Carvalho, Innovation and Sustainability Superintendent.



Among the numerous company’s sustainability actions, we may highlight two projects in partnership with LIFE Institute (Lasting Initiative for Earth), by which we apply a metric developed by the Institute and recommended by the U.N., to measure the impacts of our business on the Biodiversity and guide our efforts towards actions aimed at the preservation, research, recovery and restoration of the natural capital. The project has the potential to be expanded to wind energy and network projects. “Our purpose is not only mitigate problems, we don’t want to create the problems, this is the big North we are pursuing”, says Carvalho.

Neoenergia adopts as a good practice the use of protected and isolated networks in distribution lines located in the surroundings of vegetation, avoiding accidents and reducing the need of pruning. In line with the Group’s strategy, Neoenergia’s investments in the environment amounted to R$ 946.6 million in 2019.​





The company is committed with U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), prioritizing SDG 7, related to clean and affordable energy, and 13, related to climate change. Today, 86.8% of the power generated by the company stems from renewable sources, with a highlight for hydro and wind sources. By 2020, this number will be over 90%, upon the completion of two wind parks under development in the Northeast region - Chafariz in Paraíba and Oitis, between Bahia and Piauí. “Neoenergia and Iberdrola are fully confident in the green recovery, which signals, stronger than ever, towards an energy transition, pointing to the use of renewable energies and de-carbonization and electrification of the economy", agues Carvalho. The company’s goal is to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

In addition to investments in clean energy generation, the company uses efficient and sustainable technologies in its processes and develops actions aimed at raising awareness of its stakeholders, including its employees and customers. “Not only technologies and processes induce a transformation in a company, but mainly the people”, says Neoenergia’s Innovation and Sustainability Superintendent. One of the highlights is the energy efficiency area. The company was awarded in the Big Companies - Partnerships category of 2019 SDG Global Compact Award, due to its educational actions. Around R$ 50.5 million was invested in the project, regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), involving over 220 thousand properties and saving 58,104 MWh/year.



Celebrated since 1974, this date is aimed to encourage companies, governments and people to promote a environmental-friendly change, this year focused in biodiversity preservation.