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Neoenergia mobilizes construction works for Transmission Line in the South


Neoenergia has begun mobilization to move forward on another stage of one of its main transmission projects, Lagoa dos Patos, which will assist in the outflow of wind energy generation in Rio Grande do Sul and strengthen the electric system in the region. The installation license was granted by the State Foundation for Environmental Protection (Fepam), authorizing the construction of a 236-kilometer transmission line that contemplates one of the sections of lot 14, which was awarded in the auction held by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) in December 2018.

The license is for the works of section 2 of the project, between the substations Povo Novo and Guaíba 3, third circuit (C3), which will operate with voltage at 525 kV. Along these 236 kilometers, 408 transmission towers will be installed. The project also foresees the expansion of the two substations.

"With this project, we will contribute to the integration of the wind energy potential of Rio Grande do Sul, one of the states that stands out in this clean source of energy. It is an investment aligned to our sustainable purpose, which, in addition, benefits the region by generating jobs. We expect to generate 750 direct jobs in the implementation of the line", says the Transmission officer, Fabiano Uchoas.

In all, 769 kilometers of transmission lines will be implemented in the Lagoa dos Patos project between the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.  The lot also includes the implementation of synchronous compensators in two substations - Marmeleiro (525 kV), in Santa Vitória do Palmar, and Livramento 3 (230 kV), in Santana do Livramento. These are large pieces of equipment and their role is to regulate voltage and power, contributing to the reliability of the energy supply in the National Interconnected System (SIN).