Neoenergia maintains active search for registration of families in the Social Tariff




Company proactively promotes automatic enrollment to families and anticipates the federal government's decision to make it mandatory to include customers in the benefit

Neoenergia's distributors were the ones that most registered families in the Social Electric Energy Tariff (TSEE) last year. The initiative was maintained and the active search for registration followed automatically, crossing information from contracts with data from the Federal Government's Single Register for Social Programs (CadÚnico), offered to concessionaires periodically by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL). In 2021, the companies registered more than 333,000 customers by November, adding more than 3.3 million families with the benefit of the Social Electricity Tariff.  

The social program grants a discount of up to 65% on the electricity bill to customers classified with low income, and can reach up to 100% for Indigenous and Quilombolas. In addition, low-income customers are not charged for the tariff flag of water scarcity, only for the tariff flag released monthly by ANEEL. From 2022, the Federal Government provides for the automatic insertion by energy companies to people able. With an innovative strategy, Neoenergia started to perform the registration proactively, through consultation with CadÚnico and anticipates this determination.  

"For us, it is very important to have this vision and care for the needs of the customer. Many families do not have access to complete information and do not know how to proceed with registration. Our goal is to facilitate and bring convenience to these people, so we do the active search and try to register as many customers as possible who fit the required profile, but we know that there are still able families that can benefit and continue with proactive work"says Manoel Edson, Manager of Registration and Billing.  

In addition to the proactive registration in Tarifa Social,the five distributors meet various requests made by the customers themselves, on platforms such as the Neoenergia website and WhatsApp. To be enrolled, families need to obtain the Social Identification Number (NIS) directly from a Reference and Social Assistance Center (CRAS) of the administrative area where they reside. Also eligible are those enrolled in the Single Register of the City Hall, with monthly family income of up to three minimum wages, have a family member with disease or pathology who needs the continued use of electrical appliances or equipment, reside with the elderly or disabled who receives the Benefit of Continued Social Assistance.  

If they are not yet inserted and want to request the Social Tariff at any of Neoenergia's distributors, customers can contact through the service channels of each concessionaire, such as WhatsApp of each location:

  • Neoenergy Pernambuco: (81) 3217-6990
  • Neoenergy Coelba: (71) 3370-6350
  • Neoenergy Cosern: (84) 3215-6001
  • Neoenergy Elektro: (19) 2122-1696
  • Neoenergy Brasilia: (61) 3465-9318