Neoenergia invests and boosts labor in the energy production chain






In all company totals more than 38,000 direct employees, between own and third parties, and more than 100,000 indirect employees throughout the national territory


Neoenergia's premise is to maintain a solid investment plan in the coming years, reinforcing the company's health and financial responsibility. In 2021 the forecast is to invest in expansion of Networks, quality of service, new transmission lines and in the construction of wind and photovoltaic fa​rms. For this, the company has a chain of partner suppliers, which exceeds 38,000 direct employees, between own and third parties, and more than 100,000 indirect employees nationwide.  

Total investments with outsourced companies reached R$ 25.6 billion in 2020, including purchases of electricity. In materials and services, there were about R$ 8 billion, of which 99% related to local suppliers, installed in the national territory. Of these, about 70% are concentrated in Bahia, São Paulo, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte.  

"The commitment to our more than 15 million customers, society and shareholders are translated not only into our business, but also through social actions and good practices cultivated throughout our trajectory. We have a bold investment plan and we have our partners who are together all along the way" says Mario Ruiz-Tagle, CEO of Neoenergia.  

Of the total, about 6,500 companies acted as suppliers, contracted for various services focused on neoenergia's production chain. Of the 1040 hired in 2020, 68 are considered strategic for the company, as they accounted for 80% of the company's purchases in the last year. The Distribution area concentrates most of the contracts of third parties, being 20 Companies Providing Services (EPS), such as leiturists, maintenance technicians, among others.  

The company prioritizes the supply by local companies, due to the appreciation of the labor force and because they practice more competitive prices in the contracting of services and general supplies. For the supply of more sophisticated products, such as insulators and small transformers, Neoenergia has national partners, and for level A materials, such as voltage and power transformers and reclosers, global suppliers are contracted, with operations in Brazil.  

Neoenergia invests impartibly in partners that are aligned with its pillars and that can contribute even more to an effective energy transition, as well as good social and environmental practices. In addition, there has been a growing movement of large investors in charging companies and supply chains for commitment to low-carbon-intensive businesses. This further encourages a favorable environment for technological innovation for the decarbonisation of the economy.