Neoenergia starts commercial operation of a transmission line in MS and a substation in SC


Neoenergia has just started the commercial operation of two important works prior to the regulatory term set, reinforcing the execution of its business plan. One of them is the stretch of a 230 kV-transmission line between substations in Nova Porto Primavera (SP) and Rio Brilhante (MS), 147 km-long and with 327 towers, being two of them built in Paraná River. Biguaçu substation (SC) was also delivered, with 525 kV, in which a Static Var Compensator (SVC) was deployed aiming at providing more stability and reliability to the system. Its commissioning involved the use of virtual reality to connect teams in Brazil and Sweden. The two projects were awarded in 005/2016 auction held by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) in April 2017.





Completed before the term set by the regulatory entity, Biguaçu 525 kV-substation, in the city of Biguaçu, is part of lot 22 of the auction that included, in addition to the project expansion, the implementation of a Static Var Compensator (-100/+300 MVAR), a leading technology focused on, among other features, regulating grid power to reduce variations caused by disconnections or instabilities. The operation license for the project was issued by the Environmental Institute of Santa Catarina, on June 24.

The completion of works in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, with mobility restrictions, required the use of technologies to carry out the assembly and commissioning of the static compensator. This assembly stage and equipment testing is usually carried out by Swedish professionals, who were not able to travel to Brazil due coronavirus. Thus, Neoenergia deployed the virtual reality solution, among others. “A specialist in Sweden monitored the assembly and parameterization carried out by the team in Brazil, with the use of virtual reality glasses.  The use of new technologies was key for completing the Substation Assembly and its powering", says Luis Alves, Neoenergia's Transmission Officer. 

The continuity of the works, essential to provide more safety and reliability to Santa Catarina's electric system, required the adoption of actions to prevent Covid-19. Neoenergia prepared a prevention protocol, establishing the use of masks by all employees in all areas, social distancing between employees and ongoing instructions on best practices in hygiene.


The 230kV-transmission line between Nova Porto Primavera and Rio Brilhante substations is the first delivery of the auction's lot 4, also before to the contractual term and it will reinforce the electric system in Mato Grosso do Sul. Both substations were expanded and 327 towers were built covering an area of 147 kilometers. The last tower lifted, around 80m-high, was placed inside Paraná River, so its implementation was more complex, requiring a phased assembly, using vessels and crane. The operation license was granted by Ibama (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) early July.

In total, the lot includes seven 230 kV transmission lines.  The stretch delivered is the second longest, only behind the one to be located between Rio Brilhante and Campo Grande, with 149 kilometers. The project is 611 kilometers long, and includes the construction of a new 230/138kV substation and the expansion of the six 230kV substations, where two have already been delivered. In order to go ahead with the works while keeping safety during coronavirus pandemic, Neoenergia has streamlined its processes, by using drones, for example, for carrying out environmental inspections.



Neoenergia's largest transmission line, referring to lot 4 of 002/2017 auction, is under construction between the states of Tocantins, Maranhão, Piauí and Bahia. The project will have two stretches in 500 kV, 729 kilometers long, and 1,452 towers. It is expected that, up to the project completion, slated for 2021, around 2.7 thousand direct jobs will be created. The first towers, weighing 9 tons on average and 40 meters high, were lifted in July.

The Transmission Line Campina Grande III - Santa Luzia II – Milagres II, between Paraíba and Ceará, referring to the same auction is under construction. The works began in March 2020, and the earthmoving of the area where Santa Luzia II substation will be built was completed in July. In addition of this substation construction and the expansion of other two substations, the project contemplates the installation of 345 kilometers of 500 kV transmission lines, with 706 towers.