Foto de cima do hospital com placas solares

Neoenergia inaugurates new solar plant at Pernambuco Cancer Hospital (HCP)


Photo of hospital top with solar panels

The initiative will provide savings of about 23.4% of the annual consumption of the hospital, which means an approximate reduction of R$ 390,000 in the cost of electricity of the institution per year

Neoenergia Pernambuco and the Cancer Hospital of Pernambuco (HCP) inaugurated, on Tuesday (27), the solar plant installed in the institution, located on Avenida Cruz Cabugá, in the neighborhood of Santo Amaro, in Recife. Just to get an idea of the size of the project, 910 modules were installed on site. This is the largest project ever carried out by the Pernambuco distributor in health units in the State. The plant will have the capacity to generate 491 kW-peak, with an estimated annual generation of 778,615 kWh/year, enough to supply 6,200 homes for 30 days. The initiative will provide savings of about 23.4% of the hospital's annual consumption, which means an approximate reduction of R$ 390,000 in the cost of electricity from the institution per year. The action is part of the Energy Efficiency Program of Neoenergia Pernambuco, regulated by ANEEL.

The vice president of Regulation, Institutional and Sustainability of Neoenergia, Solange Ribeiro, the director of Institutional Relations of the group, João Paulo Rodrigues, the president of Neoenergia Pernambuco, Saulo Ribeiro, the general superintendent of the HCP, Claudia Barbosa, and part of the direction of the health unit, among them the superintendents of controllership, Josenildo Martins Sá, were present. genildo Lira, and the financial, Luiz Caetano.

"Energy efficiency is one of the main treatments we can offer to institutions such as HCP, adding financial and environmental sustainability. Here we are showing that the public-private partnership can generate important benefits for the population. The HCP promotes a unique care for pernambuco and does an incredible job, so we are so happy to find solutions for the institution to continue providing the service as important as what it provides to its patients", said Solange Ribeiro.

"The HCP project is relevant to Neoenergia Pernambuco as this is one of our largest solar generation projects in the state. There are 910 plates that will generate enough energy to supply a quarter of the consumption of the health unit. It is a pride to be in this partnership, contributing directly to the improvement of an activity so relevant to pernambuco society," commented Saulo Cabral.

For the inauguration of Tuesday (27), neoenergia teams spent 120 days working on the plant installation, which will occupy a total area of 2,351m², about 70% of the roof. Each of the 910 modules has a power of 540Wp." The Cancer Hospital of Pernambuco is recognized as a reference in the health sector in Brazil. The installation of this plant will directly contribute to a better energy efficiency of the unit, as well as a considerable savings of resources that will certainly be contributed in other places that can help even more in the treatment of patients," said João Paulo Rodrigues.

"Neoenergia, through the Energy Efficiency Project, brings an important contribution to environmental sustainability, in addition to an economy in energy consumption, reducing the cost of monthly bills and opportunities for more investment in the treatment and well-being of cancer patients," says Cláudia Barbosa, general superintendent of the HCP.

This will not be neoenergia Pernambuco's first action with the HCP. In 2019, the distributor replaced approximately 2,500 inefficient bulbs with new LED bulbs throughout the healthcare unit. In addition, the Hospital is part of the Bem Account, where neoenergia Pernambuco customers can make any donation of any amount in their own electricity bill.

The action with the HCP is not an isolated initiative of Neoenergia Pernambuco. The distributor has already promoted the replacement of lamps in hundreds of public buildings in the state and built plants in places such as TRF-5, AACD, Hospital da Mulher do Recife, Hospital Armindo Moura, Hospital Dom Tomás, Fundação Terra, among others.

Sustainable development

The installation of the solar plant in the HCP is aligned with Sustainable Development Goals 7 (clean and affordable energy), 11 (sustainable cities and communities) and 17 (partnerships and means of implementation).​