Neoenergia completes 15 distribution works in Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte


​​​artwork-delivered-river-great-northMajor Sales Substation - Cosern - Rio Grande do Norte

With a focus on network expansion and improvements aimed to strengthen the electrical system, the company completed, in February, 12 works at Coelba and 3 at Cosern



Neoenergia invests in expanding and improving distribution networks​ to continue perfecting its services for its more than 15 million consumers. In February 2021, the company completed 12 works on substations of distribution lines at Coelba - its concessionaire in Bahia - and three more at Cosern - the company's distributor in Rio Grande do Norte. Among the highlights is the energization of the new Major Sales substation, which expanded the energy supply to 35 thousand customers in west Rio Grande do Sul. In 2020, Neoenergia invested R$ 3.3 billion in distribution, R$ 2 billion of which was applied to network expansion.

“We maintained our investments, strengthening the electrical system and obtaining quality indicators for the supply of energy within the regulatory limits in all our concession areas. Quality, safety, and reliability are the company's commitments towards its consumers", states Neoenergia Substations Expansion Manager, José Ferraz.

The Major Sales substation, built by Cosern in the homonym municipality, will also benefit the population of the cities of Tenente Ananias, Luís Gomes, Paraná and José da Penha, in the Alto Oeste region, which is economically important for agriculture in Rio Grande do Norte. The project is served by a transmission line with a voltage of 69 kV, four kilometers long, and has four new feeders (medium voltage circuits) and a transformer with rated capacity of 10/12.5 MVA. In addition to this new asset, Cosern completed expansion and improvement works at the Eloi de Souza and Dom Marcolino substations.

These three and all other 69 Cosern substations are provided with high-tech automation equipment, which allows online and remote operation and monitoring of the quality and continuity of the electricity supply, controlled by the Integrated Operation Center (COI) of the company, located in Natal.


In February 2021, Coelba completed works on ten substations: Anguera, Euclides da Cunha, Paripe, Ribeira do Pombal, Rio das Éguas, Rio do Meio, Rio Grande III, São Roque, and Teixeira de Freitas. The concessionaire also delivered the improvements and expansions of distribution lines with a voltage of 69 kV.​​​